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Chapter Four

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"You won't believe your eyes!"

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That was when the terrified screaming began.
There was no need for the screaming, not really. Sure, the hairy beast was huge and ugly,not to mention frightening, but he was locked up safe and sound in the metal cage, secured by several industrial sized padlocks.
“Quiet!” the strangely seductive ringmaster urges as one of the five little people produces a shining silver key from its floor length cloak.
One woman faints as he (or she? It was impossible to tell) begins unlocking the locks slowly, one by one. The hideous monster growls and rattles the bars of the cage, swiping at the cloaked person, who ducks calmly and carries on. I gulp. Surely they were not going to let this thing out? It could kill us all with just a few swipes of one mighty arm and have us all for supper.
“I must urge you to be silent. He shall not harm you as long as he is under our control. I must warn you that a sudden loud nose can and will awaken him from out trance.” As he spoke, Gerard snapped his long, pale fingers twice, right under the Wolfman`s pointed, bloody snout. The audience all gasp, expecting him to lose his hand as the creature lowers it head, but instead it start playfully licking the delicate hand like a harmless puppy.
The tiny people in the hooded cloaks lead the beast around the room slowly, letting people gently stroke him if they wished. He was even more terrifying up close, his eyes were narrowed and yellow, his teeth pointed and stained with blood, chunks of rancid meat stuck in between. Mikey strokes his side when it was led over to us, shaking slightly, but I just shake my head, too frightened it would wake up and eat me. After circling the entire audience, the Wolfman is locked back in its cage and rewarded with a huge slab of raw, bloody meat and wheeled away behind the velvet curtains.
“May introduce to you all< out youngest member, The Vampire!” Gerard points dramatically to the empty stage next to him, where a single spotlight was aimed at nothing.
“Hello.” We all blink as a young girl, no older than thirteen appears. “My name is Sadie and I am the youngest of my kind for over six hundred and seventy years.” She speaks calmly, while tucking a long strand of raven hair behind her ear. Her eyes were a shocking shade of red, and she was dressed in black and red silk that hung off her pale body.
She proceeds to show off her lightning speed and agility, jumping up to the high ceiling and hanging from the chandelier with one hand, while fixing her dress as she does so. She challenges members of the audience to a race, but no one can outrun her, and she does it without even breaking a sweat. A goat is brought onto the stage which she quickly pounces on and bites into the thick flesh like it was butter, coming away a few seconds later with blood staining her lips and her red eyes glowing brightly in the dim light.
She vanishes from the stage in the blink of an eye and Gerard reappears to introduce the next act- an orange eyed girl with a lean, dancers build called Discontinued Barbie. She dances over with several knives stuck through her chest, turning around to let us see that they were in fact real.
“Call 991!” one older woman shouts, but the brown haired freak simply shakes her head and tells us all in a soft voice that it won’t be necessary.
“I do not feel pain,” She explains, while asking a blonde hair man in the front row to remove the longest knife from her body. He does so timidly, and it comes out dripping scarlet. She allows others to remove the remaining five and we all watch, half intrigued, had fearful as the skin begins to close up on itself, leaving nothing but a very faint, pink line, we were told would be gone by morning.
Discontinued Barbie leaves the stage without so much as a gasp of pain, a red pool of blood the only sign that she had been there.
After she left I expected Gerard to introduce the next act, but he doesn’t. A sandy haired man with blue eyes struts onto the stage, dressed in a suit and top hat, twirling a long black can around in his hands. It soon became clear that this man, Psyche liked to hear the sound of his own voice.
“Ladies and Gentleman!” he began with a tip of his hat which changed colour to a bright green. “You won’t believe your eyes! You won`t even recognise what this evening has in store!” he spins around and as he does so his entire costume changed colour to match his now green hat.
“I can do things you never imagined possible.” Psyche boasts, while it begins to snow indoors. I can see Mikey and other checking the icy wet droplets that fell on them, but it was indeed real snow.
After Psyche, there was a short break where the purple cloaked people wandered round with refreshments and novelties suck as clipping of the Wolfman`s fur and a colour changing model of Psyche and fake vampire fangs. Mikey bought some of the fangs and a tiny plastic knife like the one the ones that had been embedded in Discontinued Barbie`s chest.
“And now!” Gerard spooks us all by appearing at the back of the room. “Morphine!”
Morphine turned out to be a young woman dressed in a low cut leotard who explains she could change her physical appearance at will. She invites us to give us a famous person to turn into and then demonstrates. She transforms into Marilyn Monroe, Daphne Blake from Scooby Doo, Harry Potter and Billie Joe Armstrong (Mikey`s idea).
Next The Lady Black, a mind reading physic come on, dressed in a black velvet corset and Victorian choker. Her curly hair was adorned with pink and white pearls. Then viper, a girl with green scales for skin and red snakes for hair slithers onto the stage, spitting venom and killing a goat. Then she sings a few songs before leaving, sticking out her own forked tongue at the audience.
The is another break and more novelties are sold, such as rubber snakes and a crystal ball like the one belonging to The Lady Black. Full sized black feathered wings are also sold, though I didn’t have a clue what they had to do with the acts so far.
I soon found out. Dark angel came on right after, an eighteen year old with short blonde hair wearing a long black dress. I didn’t see what was so strange about her until she started to sing in an angelic voice. Then from nowhere a long hunting knife is thrown and pierces her chest, going all the way through to the other side of her back. She screeches and her short hair begins to grow and changes to black, matching the feathery wings that had now sprouted from her shoulder blades.
After her, a pink haired girl with green slanted eyes, like a cats jumps down from above the stage, landing on her feet with ease. Her eyes were shining in the dim light, and white cat ears sat atop her head were twitching, listening. The Kitten, was half cat, half human and she showed off her cat like agility and even hypnotises a member of the audience with her glowing green eyes.
There were many other acts after her, such as the bearded lady and Cormac Limbs, but my favourite of the night was still to come.
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