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A Song Can Fix Us

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For ReturnFromTheAshes! :D Sara and Frank's marriage is strained. Can one song fix it all?

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Work. Go home. Eat. Sleep. That's the way it was for Sara. She would go to work, come home, eat, sleep, wake up, repeat. You wouldn't have even guessed that she's married and has a son and daughter. That's the way it was in the Iero household. The couple didn't even bother talking to one another. Every conversation starter turned into an argument. They only talked to their kids, now. Sara and Frank each wished that things could go back to the way they were, but, sometimes, things don't happen that way.

One particular night, their 9 year old son, Dean, and their 5 year old daughter, Harley, approached them with a question:

"Mom, dad. How did you guys meet?" Dean asked.

Frank and Sara looked at one another in shock.

"Where did that question come from?" Sara asked.

"Harley and I were just wondering." Dean said, innocently.

Frank and Sara stared at one another. They didn't know whether they were ready enough to tell the story. Did Frank even remember? Did Sara even remember?

"Alright." Frank said. "I guess we'll tell it to you."

"Yay!" Harley exclaimed in excitement, eager to hear the story of how her parents met.

"Okay, so, it was a Friday night, just like this one-" Sara started.

Sara always had a difficult life at home. Her parents would constantly fight, so she would always leave the house to go to the local park, even in the middle of the night. She always had a ladder at the side of her house, so she can climb down whenever she wanted. As Sara climbed down, the wind blew her black hair around, which cooled her down a bit.

Sara ran to the park, hoping that it was empty and not full of teenagers doing drugs. When she got there, she was glad to see it empty. She walked to a swing and sat down, as usual. Suddenly, she heard footsteps approaching. She looked up to see a boy with black hair looking down at her.

"Hey, what are you doing here all alone at night?" he asked, sitting down next to her.

"I could ask you the same question" Sara responded.

The boy chuckled.

"Family problems?" he asked.

"Yeah. You?"

" know, a dance could cure anything."

"No, it can't. Besides, I don't dance."

"If you don't dance, then how would you know it doesn't?" Frank questioned, standing up, and offering her his hand.

Sara smiled, and hesitantly took his hand. As if by magic, "All You Need Is Love" by The Beatles started playing(Years later, they would discover that it was just some neighboring house that was playing music waaayyy too loud.). Sara laughed and started to dance with the boy. Right then, the whole world melted away. The only things that existed were that song, Sara, and the boy. Their feet had minds of their own. Nothing could go wrong when it was the two of them, dancing alone. Soon, the song ended, and Sara was pulled back to reality.

"What did I tell you?" the boy asked, grinning.

"I know what you didn't tell me: your name." Sara whispered.

"Frank. Frank Iero. Yours?"

"Sara." she responded.

And with that, she leaned in to kiss Frank. Their hearts melted into a puddle at that very moment.

"Literally?" Dean asked.

"No, not literally! We wouldn't be alive if it was literal." Frank said, smiling.

When they pulled apart, they were panting.

"So, I'll see you tomorrow, at The Royal Diner say around...3?" Frank asked

"Oh, I'm there, baby." Sara responded, grinning.

And on their first date, Frank bought Sara-

"White lilies wrapped in blue paper purchased at Wilmington's Flower Shop." Frank answered, taking the old, aged receipt out of his pocket to show the kids.

Sara was sure her heart was going to implode.

He does remember. Sara thought.

"Then, we went out for a few years, got married, had you, Dean, then, 4 years later, we had Harley!" Frank said. "Now go to bed!"

Dean and Harley giggled and ran to their bedrooms.

Frank silently started watching the news while Sara just stared at him. She took the remote and turned off the T.V. She got up and held out her hand.

"A wise man once told me that a dance could cure anything." Sara said, smiling.

"Oh, come on. You know that isn't true." Frank said.

"Well, it got us two beautiful children. So, what do you say?" Sara asked.

Frank hesitantly took her hand and got up. Almost like magic, "All You Need Is Love" by The Beatles, started playing. They started to dance, and everything just melted away. The whole world stopped and everything seized to exist in that one song. Just like that, they fell in love all over again. When the song ended, they looked into each others eyes as the leaned in for a kiss. In that instant, they knew everything would be alright.


"Uncle Bob?" Dean said into the phone, Harley by his side. Frank and Sara were still asleep, and they seized the opportunity to talk to the mastermind behind Dean's question.

"Yeah, Dean?" Bob responded.

"Can you put Aunt Jen on the phone?" Dean asked.

"Sure...I don't ever get phone calls for me."Bob grumbled. "Jen! Dean's on the phone!"

"Hey, kid!" She exclaimed.

"Hey, Aunt Jen!" Dean exclaimed.

"Did it work?" Jen asked, smiling.

"Yeah, Jen! It did! Your plan worked!" Dean giggled. Harley smiling while listening.

"You see? Never doubt Dr.Love. They used to call me Dr.Love before I retired. It was nice to come out of retirement." Jen said "Come to Dr.Love when you're older, Dean."

"Oh no!" Dean exclaimed.

"What is it, kid?" Jen asked, worriedly.

"We forgot to finish the story!" Dean said.

"Well, finish it!" Jen said, laughing.

"Wanna do the honors, Harls?" Dean asked, putting Jen on speaker so she could hear it. Harley giggled and nodded.

"And they lived happily ever after!"
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