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Including MCR, FOB, probably a lot of other bands. My english assignments, etc. Mostly MCR, but not today...:3

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The Garage was huge. The ceiling was very high and it would hold a lot of stuff .The walls were metal and the floors where cement.

^This is the sentence my English teacher gave us and told us to make it better. So this is what I had done. Enjoy:

As you grip the banister, you stumble a few times. The stair case was way too long and bare for your liking. The carpet you stepped on was so thick your foot sunk a few inches down. When you looked back up the stairs, the door closed automatically cutting off all light to the room. You should have looked for a switch before you paid attention to the pink carpet. All of the sudden multicolored lights starting flashing in beams of three or four. Something was raising from the floor, and when it stopped spot lights hit it. This thing was your grandma in a bikini. She had a clown wig from Halloween on and your old bandanna as a head band. Why was your grandma doing this? To scare you? She started pointing from one corner of her body to the next to loud music that was booming from the huge speakers. You saw your sister's roller blades on and hoped to the all mighty she would not start rolling towards you. This is how you would die.
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