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Chapter 3

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Team Amazing wants to train for their fight when four other teams want to spar, so they had a tournament to see who faces him.

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It was the day after Team Amazing went out and Peter was waking up to the news on and Laura was resting her head on his chest with Chun Li on the other side of him snuggled against him. His eyes were on the TV, “that’s right. Team Amazing had a blast last night, along with Consort Peter Parker of New Sogaria. Chun Li Xiang and Laura Kinney went to dinner and then danced the night away.” Said the newscaster as it showed them having a blast and dancing. Then he shook Laura awake.

“Huh?” She said and she started to stretch.

“Come on,” he said. “I’m going to call up Tony and see if we can use the training room so we can get ready for the fight. Just in case.” She nodded and got up then Chun Li woke up.

“What’s going on?” She said.

“We need to get up,” said Laura. “Pete’s trying to see if we can use the Avengers training room to train.”

“Why? We are just going to head back.”

“He thinks that they might accept our challenge.”

“Alright,” she said. So they got up and headed for the shower as Peter was on the phone.

“Yeah, we are going to need to use the training room today.” He said, “Can we?”

“Sure Peter, ” said Tony. “come on over to the tower and we’ll hook you up. ”

“Thanks Tony,” he said and hung up.

(Avengers Tower- hour later)

Team Amazing had showed up to the tower, they had met up with the ‘Blonds with an attitude’ (Ms. Marvel, Trish and Emma Frost), ‘Black Power’ (1) (Black Panther, Storm and Elena), ‘Sweet Christmas’ (Luke Cage, Sheva Alomar and Leon S. Kennedy), ‘Femme Fatales’ (Elektra, Ada Wong and Rogue) and the ‘Arrogant Cajuns’ (Gambit, Virgil and Venom) (2). “Hey guys,” said Peter.

“Hello Peter,” said Carol.

“What brings you here?” Said Leon.

“You see the press conference?”

“You mean how you turned it around on Team Despair?” Said Tony as he walked in with Morrgan. “Yep, nice one by the way.”

“I liked the new threads,” said Luke.

“So you need to use the training room to get ready?” Said Cap as he walked out, Peter nodded and they headed in.

(Training Room- ten minutes later)

Chun Li was in a blue bodysuit, blue and gold vest, blue and gold tennis shoes and weighted bracelets, her hair was in its bun style but not wrapped (3) and Laura was in a black sports bra, black tights, and boots. They were sparring against each other while Tony and Cap were watching on.

“Wow,” said Tony. “Looks like they hadn’t missed a step.”

“Nope,” said Cap. “I can’t wait to see what Spider man is going to do.” Speak of the devil and he always appears, Peter had come out in his ‘assassins outfit’ and they were shocked. “THAT’s Peter?” He rushed over to his partners and started to fight them. You couldn’t script this, this was amazing.

“Looks like they earned their name huh Steve?” Said Tony, Peter was throwing webs everywhere; just then Arrogant Cajuns had come in.

“Mon amis,” said Gambit they stopped. “You indulge us in a spar?” Just then Blondes with Attitudes came in.

“We were going to ask Cajun!” Said Carol in her Ms. Marvel outfit. Then Black Power and Sweet Christmas came in as well. There was a huge argument and Spider Man whistled stopping it. Everyone looked to them.

“Why don’t you four go at it?” He said, “winning team takes us on.” They agreed to it, “get me some paper and a pen.” So Chun Li did and He wrote down the names of the four teams and put them in a hat. “Okay, I need a team captain, doesn’t matter who.” Ms. Marvel walked over to him, he held out the hat.

So Carol pulled out a slip of paper and handed it to Spidey. He looked at it and smiled. “You’ll face Sweet Christmas,” said Peter.

“That means Arrogant Cajuns will face Black Power.” Said Talon, “good luck.” They stepped off the field and Luke and his team stepped up while Emma and Trish walked up behind Carol.

“Ready?” Said Spidey, both teams nodded. “Fight!” The fight was on they all squared off.

(Ms. Marvel vs. Luke Cage)

They were squaring off trying to get the feel for each other. Ms. Marvel threw the first punch and they went at it. They were throwing blows at each other. Strength vs. strength and power vs. power.

(Sheva vs. Emma)

Sheva didn’t wait she pulled out her twin guns and started to fire on Emma. Emma was being pinned down and was waiting for the right moment to transform when she did; she stood and used her telekinetic abilities on her flinging her back in to a wall. As Sheva’s bullets bounced off of her. Gambit and Venom were taking notes while watching the fight.

(Leon vs. Trish)

Trish was swinging her scythe at Leon as he was firing at her. She was blocking with it, “sorry Leon.” She said, “not good eno-oof!” She said as Leon slammed his feet in to her stomach. Then he grabbed and slammed her to the floor. Then he straddled her and fired at her face at point blank range empting his clips. Then kissed her on the lips passionately. He got up and flipped out of her range of attack.

“Was it good for you?” He said with a smirk, she glared at him and attacked.

“I can’t believe he said that,” said Spidey. Chun Li face palmed and Talon just chuckled.

(Luke vs. Ms. Marvel)

Luke slammed Carol and then jumped into the air. “SWEET CHRISTMAS!” He said and dropped a pair of elbows right in her chest. Then slammed a fist in to her face, knocking her out.

Ms. Marvel – DEFEATED
Sweet Christmas: 1
Blondes with Attitudes: 0

(Sheva vs. Emma)

Sheva was slammed in to a wall and was down, “sorry dearie. Maybe next time,” Emma said just then Sheva got up and shot her knocking her in to the wall knocking her out. Sheva was breathing hard.

“Guess diamonds aren’t this girl’s best friend.” She said.

Emma Frost- DEFEATED
Sweet Christmas: 2
Blondes with Attitudes: 0

(Leon vs. Trish)

Trish was trying to kill Leon over the kiss he gave her. “Hey can’t you take a joke?” He said.

“Yeah, That Was Really Funny!” She said chasing him, “I’ve Got A Good One For Ya! It’s About A Guy Who Got Cut To Ribbons!” Just then Leon stopped and went for a take down and knocked her out.

Sweet Christmas: 3
Blondes with Attitudes: 0

Sweet Christmas WINS!


1. Sorry ^^; 2. Flash Thomson version 3. Alpha outfit.
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