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Fealty Bound

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Gloria is Half-Faerie and has been used and abused by her 'Master' for almost her entire life. After being rescued by Severus and Albus, the Order will have to try and teach her love if Voldemort i...

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Yay, a new story! Well, again, I own nothing you recognise. Have fun and enjoy! I love reviews!

The dust on the floor billowed up as the girl's swift footfalls generated a slight wind. She was completely silent, listening carefully to the voices drifting down from above her. A combination of her own silence and the little light that the basement she was in received made it somewhat easier to hear the three men.

"Your orders sirs," her father, no, not father -Master, said to the two clients. She wasn't allowed to call him father. "Fifteen sets of my finest Dragons Scale battle robes. All spelled by myself to be resistant to most curses, jinxes and stunners."

She scowled, having no fear that he could see her through the floor. His finest battle robes? He couldn't make a cloak if his life depended on it, the greedy pig. He wouldn't mention that to them though, wouldn't tell them that he was a fraud that had a 15 year old girl crafting his products for him. 'No one would buy from someone like you' he said 'If you want to eat you'll let me do the talking.'

"They seem to be of good quality, Headmaster." One of the other men said. His voice was low, far more calming than her fath- Master's harsh gravelly tone. "They should suit our purposes well."

"Yes, I agree." said the other man airily. She heard the sound of one of her pieces being taken from its holding chest and examined. The muted rustle of the dragons hide rubbing against itself. She had pulled a lot of energy from the Earth to ensure that they were all completely tear resistant, and from the Water in her basin to give the robes a few little extras that even her Master didn't know about.

Well, he couldn't reprimand her if he didn't know. Lady knew that if he did know her punishment would be severe. Her Master served both sides of an apparently growing battle and if he heard that she was boosting the armament of the Light side and tapping power away from their other less appealing customers...well, there would be hell to pay. Not that there wasn't hell to pay already for just existing.... she winced as her broken ribs spasmodically twinged from breathing too deeply. That had been yesterday's gift and she hadn't had time to heal them on her own. The black eye, cuts and other bruises she sported on her back and arms also had had to wait until all of her work was done.

The girl bit her lip gently. This could be the chance that she had been waiting for... she could sense amazingly powerful magic coming from both of the clients. More raw power than her Master and all of the bar patrons in the front room combined. The hum that she heard constantly, the one she decided meant the amount of magic around her, was incredibly loud. She could tell, if she chose to let her thoughts reach them and touch their minds that they would hear her, but... Merlin it was so risky! If they chose to ignore her or her Master found out...

"I believe that we would like to see some of your other work as well Master Kohlistan." said the second man "We may be in need of some weaponry, specialized of course."

"Of course my Lord Dumbledore." her master said respectfully. From below she heard the floorboards creak under her Masters movement. The girl wondered how Dumbledore (whoever he was) would react if he knew that her Master was serving more than one "lord", or more precisely, making her serve more than one. She hated making the commissions that her Master took from witches and wizards that she could feel were evil, hated the power that her own creations gave them, but she had no choice. It was make them or die.

In her mind she could see the room above her, small and square with weaponry and battle armour lining the walls. The room next to it though was for the women that came to her Master to order the fantastic dresses that she was able to create with her talents. Talents that were kept underground, in this damp and dingy basement until her Master felt the need to take her out to 'earn her keep' in muggle London, singing and dancing in nightclubs.

"What might you two be looking for?" he master asked eagerly, she could see the coins shining in his piggish eyes. "My swords come with the highest guarantee, as do my bows, arrows and daggers. Whatever you wish I will be able to craft."

She scowled again. Self conceited moron.

The first man spoke again, "Three swords, one long and two broad. Also 5 daggers, lightweight and easily hidden. two sets of bows and arrows, charmed. Finally 5 foils with sheaths." he was precise and to the point. Out of habit she calculated what else she would be able to do to the weaponry as extras without he Master noticing.... This order would be amazing to forge, the magic it was dazzling.

The girl heard her Master walk back over to where she knew the counter rested and heard him scratching in his order book with a quill. Suddenly her chest contracted, she had to act now or loose this chance. Forever.

She knew that she wouldn't be able to survive the week if he kept piling on the work. Her powers only stretched so far and the effort he was having her put out was killing her. She would be dead within 10 days at most. If she was lucky.

A deep breath followed by a hacking cough she had had for years living in the cold basement, then she centred herself and let the wheezy breath go, along with a wave of her magic. There was no way that they wouldn't feel it. She knew that the two men above her had the power to speak with their minds, a power that she rarely encountered but knew it for what it was, her own magic could easily sense it.

C-Can you h-hear me? she sent out tentatively, damning her stutter. She sounded like a fool... I n-n-need your help, I'm tr-trapped. P-Please answer.

If they only knew how desperately true her words were. Freedom was a dream for her, not a privilege that so many she heard and saw when her Master allowed her to venture out of her workshop took for granted.

Who is this? the first man's voice demanded inside her mind. It was unsympathetic as it rang out. Do you mean us harm? What are you?

She flinched, hurt by his blunt words. Of course her less-than-human magic would seep through the connection and tip them off.

Severus, distract Master Kohlistan. I will speak with her. Dumbledore's voice said firmly. Faintly she heard the man called Severus say something to her Master but she focused on keeping the connection with Dumbledore, knowing that the other man was listening in anyway.

Pl-Please s-sir, he is l-lying t-t-to you. He di-didn't make any of t-those b-battle rob-robes or any of t-the weapons th-that you s-see. I-I did. T-They are m-my w-w-work. The girl tried desperately to convince him. If he listened to her, maybe he would be able to help free her....

I was aware of his dishonesty child. He does not have the magic or the knowledge to create such masterpieces. I did not imagine though, that he would trap his worker, but I sense no lies from you. Dumbledore said sincerely, her faith in him grew ever so slightly, but she didn't dare to trust him. Not yet. Even if he didn't seem troubled by her stutter Why is it that I could not sense you before now?

I-I am n-not sure b-b-but, p-please... she brushed it off, her breathing beginning to quicken S-Sir, I n-need your help.

With what my dear? he asked, both curious and serious at the same time.

She sighed, he just had to ask her the hard question. I-I d-don't have t-t-time t-to ex-explain s-sir. I-I am sorry, please f-forgive my imp-impud-impudence, but, you c-could g-g-get my M-M-Master to tell. A-Ask him about the "enter-entertainment" he m-might be w-willing t-t-to rent out. Pl-Please. She was practically begging now, but if degrading herself to that level was what was needed to escape then she would kiss anyone's boots at the moment.

She felt Dumbledore's mind pull back from her own with a surge of panic. He hadn't believed her.... she was never going to leave here.... Merlin her Master was going to kill her soon, please.....

"Master Kohlistan." she snapped her head back to look at the ceiling when she heard Dumbledore's voice "I have it on good authority that you are the proprietor of some quality entertainment that you may be willing to share?"

She heard something clatter onto the floor just above her head and was rewarded with a face full of dust. "Why, uh, yes. Yes I do!" her Master exclaimed, picking up whatever he had dropped. He sounded astounded that Dumbledore would bring something like that up. "Would you like to see her? I can beat a tune out of her if you'd like."

He made her sound like an old out of tune piano.

"Yes, I would appreciate seeing her before I make a decision." said Dumbledore calmly but with a little prod from her magic, she could feel his apprehension. Severus remained silent but she could also feel his trepidation.

"Well then, please, follow me gentlemen." She scrambled, more like hobbled, over to the mattress in the corner closest to the forge and lay down, doing her best to appear asleep as she heard her Master lead Dumbledore and the other man, named Severus, down the old creaking wooden stairs that led to the basement . She evened out her breath as the bolts on the door were removed and the door scraped open.

"Girl! Get up!" her Master barked. The direct command made her body dash to obey even as her mind resisted with all of its might. Her ribs gave another spasm of pain as she moved and she couldn't hold back her little grunt of pain. It was low though, and inaudible to her Master.

Presented with her might-be rescuers she became slightly self conscious of her ragged appearance. She clutched at the long faded skirt she wore and tried her best not to let the shoulder of her too baggy shirt fall off of her tiny shoulder and expose the faded scars. The leather strap that held her necklace was loose and let it hang just above her chest. Her body was probably covered in the black dust that her forge spewed out when ever she had to change the coals to keep it going.

She was able to tell who was who just by the auras she could feel from the two of them as they entered her workshop. Dumbledore was the first to enter behind her Master, a tall aged wizard with a long white beard and bright blue eyes, which were slightly clouded as he came in the room. He looked like what she always imagined a grandfather to look like. Severus followed, but his form didn't fit with the voice she had heard. He looked to be of average height with non-descript brown hair and eyes. She had expected someone darker. Someone who looked less like her Master.

Her Master, a portly man with even features and light brown eyes, wasn't the type anyone would suspect of imprisoning a young girl in a basement for weeks at a time. Well, it just went to show that you couldn't judge a wizard by his wand.

"Here girl." her Master commanded. Always girl or thing, never her name.... again her body betrayed her by darting over to her Masters side. In fear of his reaction if she didn't, she lowered her eyes to the floor in submission. "Well, here she is. She can do anything you want, sing, dance, play a few instruments... I haven't broken her into anything else yet but if you want I could get her into some more, intimate acts?" he shot an meek but appraising look at the two men, to see if that was where their tastes might lie. She, on the other hand, couldn't suppress a shudder at his words.

She had to get out of here....

"You wouldn't want her for anything like that though," he continued, practically spitting the phrase out "the things a half breed. I normally charge a galleon an hour but for you my lord, I can lower it to 5 sickles as a favour." Not hearing any objections, he shot a cajoling wink at the two men, as if bartering for the price of a humanoid being was commonplace for all of them.

Humanoid, not human....... She was a filthy half-breed, her mind whispered, why would they help a nothing like you?

"A wonderful bargain I'm sure." drawled Severus, crossing his arms, looking aloof and uncaring. His posture was tense though, and she noticed through her thick eyelashes that his fists were clenched.

Her Master smirked "Oh yes my Lord, a bargain indeed. I know of quite q few wizards that would give their wand arm to own something like her." his voice rose slightly in excitement "The girl's part Fae, with powers you couldn't imagine! Don't worry though," he said, she noticed that the faces of the men before her betrayed shock and surprise but it quickly vanished "She's completely under my control."

"I didn't think that there were any half-Faeries." remarked Dumbledore. She winced, both from his words and her ribs. "All the Fae disappeared 12 years ago...."

Her Master threw a cold look her way "Show them your wings girl." he commanded. Dejectedly she turned her sore body so that her back was to Dumbledore and Severus and as gently as she could, lifted the back of her oversized sweater so that her back was exposed. With a slight nudge from her magic she began to feel the fist bubbling sensation of her wings forming underneath her skin.

It wasn't painful, no she knew enough of that so she could identify true pain at once. This feeling though, was just different. As if two slight pockets of air were forming beneath her skin, then popped, letting a large but light mass grow from where she had felt the air bubbles. She could feel the extension, much like as if bones in her spine were being grown out at a fast pace but again, it didn't hurt, it felt completely natural. At the end, they were very large, reaching at their tips when they were fully extended, to just below her knees and high up above her head. She could feel their strength as she gave them an experimental twitch, not daring to do more than that though.

She had seen them once, her Master had taken her to perform at a muggle costume party and hadn't wanted to spend any money on her so he ordered her to show her wings. A bright light and shining white tile floors had allowed her to have a brief glimpse of them. Both the upper and the lower had the same pattern, an orangey red on the inside edge, closest to her face on the top and on the top of the wing on the bottom. From there it faded into a bright yellow, then into a small band of purple that melded into blue. All the colours were slightly iridescent as she gaped at their reflection on the floor, her Master had shoved her then though, and ushered her forward to sing, her wings forgotten.

"Slightly damaged but that's the only way do deal with things like her. Also," her Master said smugly "The girl hasn't got a choice but to obey. If an ogre wanted to cook her alive all he'd have to make me do is say the words and she'd jump into the pan. Now put those away." he commanded and she obeyed.

"What do you mean?" Dumbledore asked suddenly, his eyes turning cold.

"I, uh, my Lord, I cast a binding Fealty spell on the girl when she was a baby." her Master stuttered "Her mother entrusted the half-breed to me when she died. I knew what the child was and assumed that since her kind are related to house-elves that the spell would work on her as well." he drew himself up to full height "If I was going to be saddled with a burden like her I might as well get a servant while I'm at it."

Cold fury radiated off of Severus and Dumbledore, enough that she wanted to take a few steps back but fear of a reprimand from her Master held her where she was.

"What exactly does the girl do for you Master Kohlistan?" asked Severus, his tone dry.

"Well, she- the girl...." she could practically see the wheels turning in her Masters head as he tried to think of a way to squirm around the fact that she was the one to make almost all of his money. "She sings and dances, as I said, I normally take her to earn her keep performing for Muggles. Works at night. I don't let her out in the day in case we pass by some children and the thing frightens them. I don't rent her out to wizards unless they ask specifically, it wouldn't be good for business if folks knew that I took care of something like her, you understand." he was on a thin branch and he knew it, she mused. "The Muggles seem to love her so I've trained her to sing Muggle songs as well as Wizard ones."

"The girl also makes the dresses and cloaks in that room we passed through, a pastime I let her indulge in. She bewitches the spiders and they give her silk thread. I don't let her near any other animals for fear of what else she might make them do." her Master simpered Her body tensed, he had no idea about what she could do. She wasn't stupid enough to tip him off to what else he might, and would, take advantage of. "She's dumb as a doxy but a fair seamstress, I make a few coins and she gets a hobby. More than she's worthy of though, if you ask me."

A hobby? True, she enjoyed her dressmaking more than her forging but her Master still demanded that she worked constantly. Before she could stop herself she made a small indignant noise, immediately regretting it as her Master whirled around and backhanded her with one of his ham-like hands, sending her small body to the dirt floor.

"Arguing with me, are you, freak?" he snarled menacingly down at her. Her eyes watered from the burning pain that came from her already swollen eye and jarred torso. She didn't meet his gaze, it was one of her Master's favourite rules, the freak wasn't allowed to make eye contact with anyone superior, which was everyone. He aimed a kick her way and the impact made her roll away across the dirt floor, crying out from the pain in her side. "Worthless, ungrateful Wicked thing!"


With wide eyes, she watched as her Master was blasted off of his feet and came crashing down, his head smacking down on her anvil with a sickening crack. She turned and saw both Dumbledore and Severus with their wands drawn. They had both stunned her Master? The notion couldn't seem to find a place to settle in her mind, it continually buzzed around.... They had helped her?

Severus quickly went over to the body of her Master and checked him over for signs of life. "He'll be fine." he spat out "However he will wake up with an incredibly painful headache, which is much less than he deserves. He warrants a far more painful punishment."

She was taken aback by the emotion in his words, she agreed of course but was puzzled by his reaction. She had wanted help to escape but now that she might have it she couldn't make heads or tails of it. Their motives weren't obvious but from the feeling she got from them, she sensed they were good people.

"Calm yourself Severus." said Dumbledore. "And take that Glamour off now, he will not be waking any time soon."

A Glamour... She knew what Dumbledore meant by that. Her Master put Glamour's on her whenever she performed, to help 'hide her monstrosity' he said. Severus muttered a spell and he no longer looked like the brown haired man that she had known before. His looks now seemed to fit better with his voice; he was tall and had dark hair. Pale, dressed head to toe in black that was colourless in comparison to his eyes, burning intensely with their own internal fire.

She found it amazing that her Master, who had all the appearances of goodness, had none. But Severus, who looked like Death itself, had it all.

She gaped for a moment, forgetting her place but snapped her mouth shut when the two wizards turned their eyes on her.

The elderly wizard knelt beside her and out of habit, she averted her eyes. "What is your name child?" he asked her gently. "We mean you no harm."

She opened her mouth to speak, to say her name, but found that it had been so long that she barely remembered it. "M-My n-name is..." she began but, again, her memory failed her "M-My name is-G...Gr- n-no, it's.... um...G-Glor...G-Gloria? I- I think its G-Gloria s-sir."

The word sounded foreign to her own ears, Gloria.... She remembered faintly, a woman, humming...singing, saying her name.

"Hello Gloria. My name is Albus Dumbledore." his voice was kind and he made no move to hurt her so Gloria relaxed a little. But only a little.

Severus, with one last disdainful look at her Master, moved over to where they were. "What are we going to do about this?" he asked Dumbledore calmly.

Dumbledore stood and Gloria (Her remembered name ringing in her ears) took that as a queue to do the same albeit a bit slower than he did. "We will be taking her to Hogwarts of course." Hogwarts.... Gloria puzzled over the word, it was a place? How odd. She was curious but didn't want to seem ungrateful or impolite to her rescuers so she kept silent.

"Albus, you seem to be forgetting one crucial fact." Severus said dryly, crossing his arms over his chest "She is bound to him by the Fealty spell. We cannot take her without his consent. The only way we could is if one of us were to transfer the spell onto us, or if we killed him." he looked very pleased with the latter idea.

Dumbledore looked at him evenly over his glasses. He was the only person other than her Master that Gloria had seen wearing the contraptions. "We will be killing no one, no matter how tempting. You are correct though, and with that option out of the way and with my doubts that Gloria would agree to being subjugated to such control again, we shall have to find another way."

Gloria let herself frown slightly, knowing that Severus and Dumbledore were somewhat preoccupied. A new Master. The idea wasn't what she had hoped for, certainly, but if it truly were her only option then would it be so bad? Out of the corner of her eye she looked at the two men, mulling over the prospect of either of them being her Master. They both were apparently well respected or at least Dumbledore was, she had never heard her Master call anyone lord before, and both were demonstrating amazing kindness by saving her. The question was, would that kindness stay?

She would have to risk it. They couldn't be any worse than her Master now.

"We might be able to cast a counter charm on Kohlistan." Severus was saying, "A strong Impetimus Figusti could work if we cast together."

Gloria bit her lip, it was now or never. Cautiously, her body tense and ready for attack if it should come, Gloria cleared her throat. "Pl-Please, p-p-pardon m-me but," she said meekly "I-I w-wouldn't mind."

Severus and Dumbledore stopped talking and looked at her closely, making her swallow hard, look down at the floor, and wonder if this was really the best choice of action. "Wouldn't mind what Gloria?" asked Dumbledore gently.

She blinked "Hav-Having another M-Master, s-sir." she all but whispered "If they wouldn't- wouldn't h-hurt me, I'd agree. I'm a h-hard w-worker s-sir, I'd d-d-do everything I c-could to make m-my M-Master happy, I p-promise!" she said quietly, her desperation clear. "I j-j-just-.... I c-c-can't st-stay here. Pl-Please."

Both Dumbledore and Severus's eyebrows rose "After all that he has put you through," said Severus "You are still willing to put faith in a new Master?"

Gloria gave a small nod, still wondering what to make of their reactions.

Severus looked at her thoughtfully for a moment, black eyes narrowing. "Then you are far more forgiving then he deserves." he said finally. Abruptly, he turned to Dumbledore "It would be the best choice, since she is willing. The counter spell may have done more harm than good if we had tried it blindly."

Dumbledore considered it for a moment. "It will have to be you Severus." the other man balked and Gloria's winced, of course no one would actually want her... "You are the best possible choice for a guardian! You would be able to understand her far better then I could ever attempt to and you also have the steady and stable lifestyle that she will need to have. Severus, you know that I am right." said Dumbledore shortly.

"Stable lifestyle Albus?!" Severus exclaimed defiantly "My lifestyle is anything but stable!"

"Still, it is far more so than mine." said Dumbledore. "You know how much I travel, hardly any way for a child to live."

"I know nothing about caring for children!" spluttered Severus

Gloria, in a sudden and brief moment of bravery decided to speak. She had had enough of this, her body was incredibly sore and if she was going to be leaving she wanted to do it soon.

"S-Sir, you w-would-wouldn't need to." she said, surprising even herself "I'm n-not such a ch-child that you would n-need to w-watch over m-me all the t-time. I've been alone f-f-for d-days at a t-time and have t-taken care of m-my-myself. I- I wouldn't be a b-burden to you, I p-pr-promise." her timidity had resurfaced full force and she looked down at the ground, shamefaced at the outburst.

"Severus," she heard Dumbledore urge "You are the best for the task."

A deep sigh left Severus's chest. Gloria flinched violently when she felt his hand lift her chin so that she was facing him but he didn't remove it. He stared at her intently before dropping his hand but her head stayed in place.

"Do you give your word that you will, from this moment on, to have me as your Master." said Severus calmly. Gloria could feel the first little spark of magic and gasped quietly, he was agreeing to be her Master? "That you will live with my word as law and my will as your belief. That you will abide by me and only me until such a time as you are released from these bonds, either by my death or yours. That you will live, not as my servant but as my ward, and as such, have the benefits of that station. Agree by these terms and you will hereafter be known to be under my protection."

Gloria replied quickly, the words already in her mind as if she had memorized them, but her damned stutter ruined the power of them "I s-swear my com-complete and t-total constancy to you and all y-y-you say and d-do. I w-will st-stay by your side and d-do your b-b-bidding as w-well as I may, and h-hope to only p-pl-please you w-with my work. M-My l-l-life belongs to you, do with it what you w-will. I-I am y-yours."

Those brief sparks that Gloria had felt in the beginning were now small fires burning below the surface of her skin, creating a warm and tingling sensation for an endless moment but soon the fires died and she was left feeling worn out and dried up, like she hadn't eaten or had a drink for years. She had to catch herself before her knees gave out and was left standing, legs braced and arms spread wide for balance as she breathed deeply.

Severus looked only a little better than she did, paler if possible, and also breathing like he had run a fair distance. His eyes were focused on her and she blinked back at him in confusion.

"Well," Dumbledore was smiling, something that Gloria realized he did a lot. She wasn't used to smiles like his, all the grins her Master had had were full of hate and made her want to cringe away from him. "It seems that we are all through here. Gloria, is there anything you would like to take with you?"

"N-No, s-sir" she said timidly. What was there for her to take?

"Have you ever used a portkey?" Severus asked her.

Portkey.... again, it was a new word. Gloria shook her head "N-No s-sir."

"It is a device that will transport us directly to where we need to go." said Dumbledore, taking a small tin of some kind from his robes "You can make anything into a portkey with just a simple spell, which is undeniably useful. Now I need you to touch this and keep your hand there, do you understand?"

Gloria nodded and gently placed her hand on the silver tin. Severus's hand joined hers.

Dumbledore smiled "Good, now on the count of three you will feel a very uncomfortable sensation but trust me that no harm will come to you. Ready? Portus. One, Two, Three."
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