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5- Miserable Flirts

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Fail flirting at its best.

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Ryan pulled out of the parking lot at his normal dangerously high speed. I heard his tires squeal, and then he honked his horn at someone. I could just imagine how many people were flipping us off, and talking shit about us in the comfort of their own cars.

“Didn’t see that car.” He muttered, under his breath.

Taylor cursed quietly under her breath. It sounded like she said ‘fuck’ but I wasn’t entirely sure. Ryan giggled. “You okay back there?” I was sitting in the back, since Ryan wanted Taylor to sit up front with him… So that he could ‘get to know her’. Poor Taylor.

“Close your eyes Taylor.” I ignored him. “It’s a lot scarier when you can’t see what the fuck is going on, but you can hear all the sound effects of Ryan’s driving.”

It was.

“Thanks.” Taylor muttered, and I could just sense her rolling her eyes.

It made me laugh.

Ryan laughed again.

Someone was playing with the radio. As it settled on a somewhat familiar Katy Perry song I knew it wasn’t Ryan that had chosen the station. Had to be Taylor. “If we have to listen to her, you should at least make it a song we can relate to. I like kissing girls too.” Ryan complained. “However I don’t really feel like a firework.”

Taylor laughed. Ryan laughed. I felt like I was missing out, especially when Ryan informed me of what was going on. “She just flipped me the fuck off Brendon!” He sounded shocked.

I laughed, but I wished I could see. My lack of sight didn’t bother me as much nowadays but I still had the tendency to feel bad for myself. I called them pity fits, and yeah I’d probably forever be a little prone to them. It wasn’t Ryan’s fault though, and it wasn’t Taylor’s fault either.

“So, where are we going?” Taylor asked.

“We usually go to Ryan’s place.” I answered from the back. At least Ryan’s backseat was comfortable. Though… at that very moment I had the very unpleasant realization that most of his dates took place in the backseat of his car.


“I have an apartment about two blocks away from the college.” Ryan rarely spoke about college, because he mainly just fucked around. He didn’t take his studies seriously, but here he was talking about college to Taylor… He was kind of lamely flirting, but I knew what he was doing. He was trying to gauge what kind of shit she was in to, so that he could effectively flirt with her. He was the master of getting in to girls’ pants.

“Cool, what are you studying?” Taylor asked.

“Sex education.” I teased.

“It’s an important subject.” Ryan replied calmly. “And you’d be surprised what I’ve learned.”

Taylor sighed. “You don’t seem to have any car seats, or binkies laying around… so I assume you’ve learned safe sex. That’s more than most high schoolers can say nowadays.”

“Oh snap.” Ryan chuckled. “But on a serious note… I keep the kids in the trunk.”

There was a ‘whack’ and then Ryan cried out, and the car swerved slightly. “She almost killed us Brendon!”

“You deserved it.” I teased.

“So then Taylor, condom or no condom?” Ryan teased.

“What?” Taylor sounded confused.

“Tonight should I use a condom, or would you prefer bareback?” Ryan was dirty sometimes.

There was another ‘whack’ but thankfully this time Ryan kept control of the steering wheel and we didn’t swerve. “No sex is even better than safe sex.” Taylor informed Ryan, much to his dismay.

“Well, you passed the test.” Ryan muttered. “I hate smart kids. Next time try to bring home a slut Brendon!”

“I tried.” I teased.

I felt movement and then the side of my arm was hit, with yet another ‘whack’. “You fucking hit a blind kid!” I yelled, obviously surprising Taylor.

She gasped.

“Uh-oh.” Ryan commented. “You’re in trouble!”

“Sorry!” Taylor loudly apologized, before quietly muttering, “Kind of.”

We all laughed.

I had the feeling that Taylor would fit in just fine, and we’d found a replacement for Zack.

(Ryan’s POV)

“This is like, the ultimate bachelor pad.” Taylor muttered, as she walked in behind Brendon.

Brendon comfortably walked straight to the couch, already well aware of where everything was. I never changed shit around, because I didn’t want to draw more attention to how hard it was for him without his sight. It was still something we were all coping with, but mainly him. It was a hard change, but he was a strong guy.

And of course… the only blind kid in school acquires one of the hottest minors I’d yet to see grace the halls of his high school. There weren’t a ton of winners at my previous high school though. All the girls tried too hard, and it showed.

Taylor didn’t really seem to try, but it worked. She wasn’t wearing much make up… that I could tell. She had small, though defined features. She was cute.

“That’s how I like it.” I informed her, as she fell on to the couch beside Brendon. There was a chair across the couch but I still sat down right beside her. Yeah, I was flirting shamelessly. It was kind of what I did.

“So, do you like sucking?” I asked Taylor, somehow managing to keep my face straight. Years of practice, I guess.

Brendon chuckled, shaking his head.

Taylor’s big brown eyes widened. “Huh?” She didn’t get it. That was cute.

“I have a few lollipops.” I teased. “I just wondered how much you loved wrapping your lips around-”

I think somehow Brendon misjudged who was sitting beside him. He punched Taylor in the shoulder, pausing at how different it felt. “Shit. Taylor?”

“Yep.” She punched him right back in shoulder, before turning and punching me in the shoulder. After that she rubbed Brendon’s shoulder. “Sorry, guess I shouldn’t have really punched you. This is a very confusing, violent hang out session.”

Brendon shrugged. “I don’t think we are usually this violent.”

“Yeah, we are.” I assured Taylor. “Though if you’re giving out free shoulder rubs I want one!”

Taylor rolled her eyes. “Don’t you have class, since you’re supposedly in college?”

I feigned being hurt. “Supposedly? Yeah, I ditched.”

Taylor shook her head, but I could tell that she was amused.

“So, you’re in to music?” Taylor was looking around my living room which consisted of two guitars, Brendon’s and mine, a piano, and a shit ton of sheet music.

“Yeah, Brendon and I play around.” I replied. “We have a few other friends we get together and play with.”

“Are you guys good?” Taylor asked. Smooth up front question.

“I think so.” I answered. “If I thought I sucked I probably wouldn’t still be doing what I do though.”

Brendon chuckled. “We are good.”

“Confidence! He has it!” I called.

Taylor giggled. “So, are you guys in a band?”

“Yeah, kind of.” I replied.

“Kind of?” Taylor asked.

“We have two other friends that we get together and play with, but we don’t have a name… and we usually don’t really have an audience.” Brendon commented. “Well, except for Ryan’s mom.”

“Oh, fuck you.” I rolled my eyes. “She just supports us, is all.”

“Your mom comes to like, what… watch you guys play in garages?” Taylor asked, teasingly.

“Yeah.” My mom was awesome. “When she has time.”

“That’s totally cool.” Taylor smiled.

“Really?” Brendon asked. “Because most people find it kind of weird, and lame.”

“Just your girlfriend.” I groaned. “I hate that bitch.”

“She’s not a bitch.” Brendon immediately started trying to defend her. “Laura is just different.”

“Yeah, she kind of lacks human compassion… and intelligence.” I hated her.

Brendon shrugged. “Different. She’s just different.”

Taylor had gone silent on the subject.

She actually kind of looked uncomfortable. Whoa, did she already like Brendon? I mean, I wouldn’t blame her. Kid was good looking, and funny, and pretty all around awesome but… already? Damn. Looks like I wasn’t getting laid.

“But we have a lot of fun in garages.” I changed the subject, knowing how uncomfortable it made Brendon. He would defend Laura until the end. He was always like that about her. No one understood but him. “Even if our biggest audience yet is my mother.”

“Can I come sometime?” Taylor asked, expressing interest.

“Uh, yeah.” Brendon spoke up. “Totally.”

“I could pick you up next time we all get together.” I offered. “You’ll have to give me your address.” I winked at her. “Oh, and your phone number.”

“No sexting.” Brendon cut me off before I got to the good part about being a creepy college boy. Damn him.

“Now you’re just being difficult.” I rolled my eyes.

Taylor shook her head, but she was hiding a shy smile. “So, which one of you plays the piano?”

“Mostly Brendon.” I answered.

“Will you play for me?” She asked. “I love listening to the piano being played.”

“… Sure.” Brendon reached forward, and I watched curiously as Taylor touched her hand to his.

“Can I help you to it, or?” He knew exactly where it was. He didn’t need her help.

“Sure.” But still he accepted.

She awkwardly stood, waiting for him to stand as well. I’d seen Brendon move before and he was pretty graceful but… he was acting extra clumsy around her. It was odd watching. Taylor’s hand closed around his and he let her lead him forward, despite the fact that he could’ve done it alone.

Actually, Taylor was the clumsy one out of the two of them which was demonstrated as she lost her footing. She still had a hold of Brendon’s hand and I wasn’t about to place myself in the middle of them both falling so I just watched. Brendon awkwardly tumbled after her to the floor, landing on top of her.

I think they both forgot about me.

Brendon reached out blindly, his hand landing on Taylor’s face. “Uh, under you.” Taylor squeaked, from under his hand. He removed it.

“Shit. Sorry. You’re just… like, everywhere.” Brendon commented, trying not to inappropriately touch her. It was so Brendon for him to be so courteous and struggle in the meantime.

Taylor laughed. “I think you’re the one that’s everywhere since you’re on top.”

“Right.” Brendon chuckled. “So, I’m going to try to get off of you and… without hurting you, or kneeing you… I think I’m just going to roll over like a freakin’ dog.”

“Dogs have the right idea with the whole rolling thing.” Taylor teased, placing her hands on his shoulders. “I’ll be on top.” She blushed immediately after saying the words, but Brendon couldn’t see. I could though, and it was funny as hell to watch them interact. “Just for like a second, because then I can get up and help you up, you know?”

“Yeah.” Brendon was blushing too.

Man, they were kind of painful to watch.

Brendon rolled, and so did Taylor. It was awkward, and weird looking and then she was on top of him. Mission accomplished. I liked the view a lot better now. Unfortunately she quickly stood, grabbing on to Brendon’s hand. He helped himself up more than she helped him up but eventually he was standing.

The piano bench was less than three steps away. I didn’t have that big of an apartment. Once Brendon was sitting Taylor sat down beside him. “Is this okay?” She asked.

“Yeah.” Brendon replied. “Here, give me your hand. I’ll show you something cool…” Sounded like a dirty joke, but with Brendon it wasn’t.

I watched as he gently placed her fingers over the keys, applying pressure where he wanted. Music filled the room, and laughing… and damn it. I was never going to get Taylor to sleep with me.

They liked each other.

Even if they were too dumb to know it already. They’d figure it out eventually.
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