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the haunted shadow

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Jessie sat there wondering, where her boyfriend Chad could be
at this very moment. She was very angry with him, but worried,
also. He had said he were going out for an hour with a few other
friends but he hasn't been back all day. It had come to a point
that Jessie was getting so worried, she had started to get ill.
she was sick in the toilet. She fealt very dizzy as she started
to walk out of the garden to go to Adam's house, which is Chad's
Best mate, he only lived a few houses down the street so it wasn't
hard to just go over there and ask. As jessie stepped through the
garden gate, the little dog Pip was jumping and barking. Jessie
got a little scared as she didn't know the dog very well. She
shouted Lisa, which was Adam's mother. She knew Lisa were there
as she heard her singing to her music in the kitching with the
door wide open. She shouted her as loud as she could. Lisa
stepped out of the door with her head set around her neck and
very dirty rough clothes on. She said 'sorry love, i only
look like this because i'm having a cleaning day' jessie looked
at lisa from head to toe and said "its fine mrs Chester" with laughter
"i was just wondering if Chad was here as he said he was going out for
an hour and hasn't been in all day". Lisa looked puzzled. "No
they havn't been in either, they last came here at dinner time
for some sandwhiches and i havn't seen them since love, maybe
you should check the park out, they love going there" said Lisa
smiling. "thank you Lisa" said Jessie. Jessie started to walk to
the park. When she got there, she couldn't see nobody. She
looked around and there was nobody to be seen. There wasn't even
one little child to be seen in sight. Jessie hesitated as she
heard a crackling noise. She started to run around the corner and
noticed a big group of people gathering around the football field.
Jessie ran over and looked around to find Chad and any of his
friends. She saw two of her friends from school called Darcy and
jennie. She asked them what was happening and they said there was
a fight between Luke and Mason, which i though wasn't very fair
because Luke was a person that doesn't hurt nobody and Mason is
a sort of person that goes around bullying everyone on how they
looked. Jessie just started to walk away as she was telling them
that she needs to go find Chad. She ran as fast as she could
because she was more scared than ever. She saw something in the
corner of her eye. She stopped, not daring to move. She was so
scared she couldn't turn around. All of a sudden, she fealt as
if it was getting closer, she fealt her knees shaking, her lips
turning blue, she was very scared, something grabbed her by her
ankle, she screamed..
to be continued.
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