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Hard On the Other Side

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Frank wants to bang Gerard up the butt,but Gerard won't let him.Warning: crying and erections.

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Writers block is a bitch. That’s why I am going to start uploading ALL of my one shots. I wrote a bunch, but too lazy to upload them.
I honestly don’t know what this is. I always drink about ten cups of coffee when I write one-shots.
Seriously. I kinda feel bad for Frank in it. Also, I don’t know what the plural word for “pussy” is.

Hard On the Other Side

“Gerard, why won’t you ever let me bang you?” Frank asked his boyfriend one late night after banging. The two currently, were lying next to each other, naked. Gerard always is the one to bang Frank, and Frank just takes it. Every time they (Frank) brings up this conversation, Gerard lies his way through it. Of course, Gerard loves Frank with all his heart, but he just cannot admit the truth.

“Because, Frank. It’s complicated.” Gerard replied as he started to play with his boyfriend’s hair. Gerard has taken and enjoyed it up the ass before, just not by Frank.

“You always say that. I swear, it doesn’t hurt. It feels really, really good. It’s just all of the pussies make it hurt. I promise it feels so good.” Frank said. Just by talking about ass-banging, Frank started to feel himself grow hard. Frank always gets hard. Sometimes it gets annoying.

“Frank, I know for a fact that it doesn’t hurt you. You are not that quiet.” Gerard said with a wink. Frank blushed, unashamed. Fuck it; he’ll go louder just because Gerard said it. “And plus, if you love it that much, then why do you want bang me so much?”

“Because, you never make any noise. I just wanna know how it feels in your point of view. Just once?” Frank begged. Only Frank would beg Gerard for that.

“Frank, come on. We are already awesome like this.” Gerard said. He could feel Frank’s hard-on pressing up against his leg. Fuck, because Frank is so whiney, now they have to do it again. He’s going to need some coffee and E pills.

“Why the fuck do you always say that? Why can’t I ever bang you? Just one time! I will be really good, I promise!” Frank shouted, slightly angry and irritated; multiple reasons.

“Frank, you know I love you.” Gerard said. Every time, they have this conversation, that line always works on Frank. Frank normally caves in, then he gets horny, then he rides on Gerard.

“You say that every time. That is not an answer. Give me an answer, or I am going to fuck you.” Frank demanded. Gerard figured that by the end of their conversation, Frank is going to get banged, so he talked up a boner in his head. Frank was already fully hard for Gerard. (Three cheers for my favorite rhyme ever.)

“You’re not going to fuck me. I will fuck you. Now, you can go masturbate, or let me fuck you. Your choice.” Gerard said. He knew the answer. Nobody could ever resist the Gee-Man.

“Fine. Wait – how do you know that I have a boner!? See! You are totally hard for me, so let me fuck you.” Frank said. Unconsciously, he started to push his legs onto Gerard’s thigh.
“Because, Frank, you’re humping my leg and you’re always horny. There has never been a time when you aren’t horny.” Gerard said; which was totally true. Frank is always horny, but luckily, so is Gerard.

“I don’t care,” Frank started to hump Gerard’s leg even harder, just to annoy him. “I wanna fuck you.”

“No, go jerk off or something.” Gerard said. He knew that Frank would rather take it up his ass than go and jerk off. He knew that Frank would cave in, and bend over.

“Fine.” Frank shouted stubbornly. Gerard certainly didn’t expect that. Frank is bluffing. “I will then. But you can’t watch, because you’re being a mega dick, right now.” Frank stood up off the bed and walked to the bathroom door. Gerard stared at his jiggling ass the whole time. Frank hates wearing clothes.

Frank has been gone for two minutes now; and it was killing Gerard. He could here Frank moaning way too loud for Gerard.

“Frank – get over here! Now!” Gerard screamed. He got himself horny for no reason, and now Frank is banging himself in the bathroom without him.

Frank moaned even louder, (even though it was a fake moan, and Gerard knew that.) just to piss off Gerard. Thinking about Gerard being angry and sad just got Frank even more horny.

“Frank!” Gerard screamed. After Frank moaned, again, louder, Gerard got up from the bedroom, and tried to open the bathroom door, but it was locked. “What the fuck, Frank? Please open the door?”

“No. You’re being mean to me.” Frank stated. Honestly, he wasn’t even masturbating. He was just sitting on the toilet seat, pouting. He didn’t want to masturbate, not until he gets to bang his stupid boyfriend.

“Ugh – Frank – you’re being a child. Girls don’t fuck their boyfriends in the ass, so stop complaining.” Gerard said as he banged on the door some more.

“THAT’S BECAUSE GIRLS DON’T HAVE MOTHERFUCKING PENISES! OR ELSE I WOULD BE STRAIGHT!” Frank shouted back out of pure anger. It was Gerard who is being the child, not Frank.

“Shut up, Frank and get out of that motherfucking bathroom, you motherfucking baby.” Gerard yelled back. He was getting too annoyed with Frank’s shit.

“No. I’m not a baby. You’re an asshole. I don’t want to see you if you’re going to be an asshole.” Frank pouted some more. Gerard rolled his eyes.

“Frank, you are being a baby. Just get your tight fucking ass out here before I start fucking the door!” Gerard shouted. Fuck Frank and his stupid stubbornness.

After a second or two, the door flung open in a huff, almost hitting Gerard in the face.

“You don’t need to cheat on me. You even said that I am hotter than the door. The door is a fucking slut.” Frank continued to pout. Gerard continued to stare at Frank’s giant erection. Sometimes he hated it when Frank got jealous, but he didn’t care because Frank had a dick.

“Yeah, well, you were cheating on me with your hand, so we’re even. Plus your hand is a bigger whore than the door.” Gerard mocked Frank. Frank huffed and rolled his eyes before he started giggling. “Why the fuck are you laughing?”

“You – you rhymed!” Frank started to laugh even harder, but then he stopped. “And what the fuck!? My hand is only a whore because you make it a whore!”

“You’re a bigger whore than your hand.” Gerard pouted, knowingly pissing off Frank.

Frank gasped as if it wasn’t true at all, or that was some big news. “Yeah, well, this whore is going to be the one who fucks you, so I wouldn’t be complaining.” Frank smirked.

“Hell no. I am going to fuck you. You can’t fuck me.” Gerard stated. Frank forced his smirk down.


“Because.” Frank stepped back into the bathroom, and slammed the door shut with a loud bang. “Frank!” Gerard rolled his eyes, “Frank, open this stupid door right now!” Silence. “Please. Frank, please?”

Still silence.

“Fine, then I am going to fuck this door, right here, right now.” Gerard pouted. He stared at the door, wondering how in the world he would [/bang a door.

Frank opened the door again, almost hitting Gerard in the face. If only… “Don’t fuck the door.” Frank sighed as he pushed his way back into the bedroom, and onto the bed. Gerard followed him.

“Frank, thank you for –” Gerard began as he sat right next to Frank, but only to be interrupted.

“I’m still really mad at you.” Frank pouted and pushed Gerard’s hand away.

“I love you?” Gerard stated as a question.

“Yeah – yeah. You’re being mean. I only came out of the –”

“The closet?” Gerard offered as he smirked. Frank rolled his eyes.

“Okay – that isn’t even funny, seeing as you and I both gay-fuck each other. Stop trying to tell jokes. Also, what I was originally going to say,” Frank hates being interrupted. (Even though he always interrupts Gerard.) “I only came out of the bathroom because it’s cold in there. Also I am really horny and I hate jerking off.”

Gerard had a hard time hiding his smirk; hah-hah, he won!

“Okay, let’s fuck now.” Gerard said as he started making out with Frank’s shoulder.

“Can I please fuck you?” Frank begged again. Gerard sighed and stopped kissing on Frank. He knew he had to tell Frank the truth. He has told Frank the truth before, but it always ends up badly. Frank will just go back hiding in the bathroom; one time, Frank started crying.

“Frank – you can’t fuck me.” Gerard sighed as if he were a doctor giving tragic news to a family.

“But why?”

“Because. Frank, I’ve told you before.”

“Yeah, but I always forget.” Frank said. He started to suck on his boyfriend’s neck to get his attention.

“That’s because you choose to forget.” Gerard sighed. “Okay. I – you can’t fuck me because you have a… a…”

“Go ahead.” Frank whispered, as he started sucking on Gerard’s ear. “What do I have?”

“…A small dick.” Gerard said. Whatever, Frank knew it was true.

Frank stopped sucking on Gerard (NO!) to gawk at him. Eyes wipe, mouth open.

“Frank. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Your dick just wouldn’t fit.” Gerard said. He could see the disbelief in Frank, so he started to rub his hands over his nipples.

Frank continued to gap at Gerard. He’s lying. Frank has a HUGE dick. Gerard is just jealous of how giant Frank’s dick is.

“Frank? Are you okay?” Gerard asked and he pecked Frank’s cheek with his mouth.

“I have a huge dick. Mine is bigger than yours. You’re just being a jealous bitch.” Frank pouted even more.

“Frank, come on. You know that it’s true. You know that I won’t ever judge you for it – you don’t need to be upset.” Gerard cooed as he started to rub Frank’s back.

“No, you’re a stupid, fat-assed, liar.” Frank said. He started to stare at his dick. He measured the fucking thing in high school! It was fifteen inches in high school, and he bragged about it all the time!

“Frank, don’t be like that. You know that I only want to fuck you, and only you, forever and ever. I don’t care how big your dick is. Smaller the dick, easier to suck.” Gerard winked, hoping Frank would be okay.

Frank stood up from the bed, and sat himself in the corner of the room. He brought his knees up to his chin so he could hug them.

“Frank.” Gerard said in a very concerned tone. After a minute or two, he heard quiet snuffling. “Frank – I’m sorry.”

“I do not have a small dick.” Frank sniffed. He brought his hands up to wipe at his eyes and nose. It was clear that Gerard was a giant asshole, and Frank is crying.

“Frank, I’m sorry.” Gerard walked up to Frank, and tried to hug him soothingly. “I’m sorry. Will you please stop crying? Please, honey?” Frank used one hand to cover up his dick, and the other was wiping furiously at his eyes.

“Go away.” Gerard pulled Frank into his hands so he could cry on his shoulder.

Gerard sighed and rubbed the other’s back. It had to be done if Frank will ever stop crying.

“Frank – if I let you fuck me, will you stop crying?” Gerard offered. Frank’s head jolted up. He grinned so hard it hurt. He started kissing, biting, at Gerard’s neck and face.

Gerard took that as a yes. Frank stopped kissing Gerard, so he could squeal and clap his hands like a girl would. Gerard rolled his eyes as he let Frank pull him onto the bed.

Gerard lay on his back with his legs spread open. Frank was kneeling over him, spreading spit on his dick; he was slightly pouting (he does too have a giant dick!)

“You are totally going to love this.” Frank said.

“Yeah – yeah.” Gerard pretended to pout, hoping Frank would quit.

“Oh, shut up.” Frank smirked.

Frank positioned his rock-hard dick over Gerard’s asshole. That was actually an impossible task. Both of their ball sacks were in the way. He used his hand to hold onto his balls as he used his dick to push Gerard’s balls away.

“Move your balls.” Frank demanded. Gerard grabbed onto his balls and moved them. Frank re-positioned in front of Gerard again. He tried to push himself in, but failed. His hand was in the way. “Fuck - how do you make this so easy?”

“Do you want me to turn around?” Gerard asked. Trying not to laugh at Frank was hard.

“No. I want to see you screaming about how awesome I am.” Frank said.

“Here, I got an idea.” Gerard said. He started pushing Frank off of him, as the latter started whining.

“Gerard! You promised that I could bang you!” Frank whined. Gerard glared at Frank and shoved him to the wall.

“Lay down.” Gerard demanded. Frank crossed his arms and pouted. Again. “Lay down.” Gerard repeated, except this time he was more fierce and annoyed. Frank huffed and eventually complied.

“Good.” Gerard said. He crawled up on top of Frank’s legs. Frank had his arms crossed, and he was staring at the wall. “Frank, look at me.”

“No, you said I get to bang you.” Frank should win some fucking award for Best Pouter of the Year or whatever.

Gerard’s next move was unexpected. Frank felt a warm and amazing sensation around his dick. Gasping, he turned to stare at Gerard. Gerard had his asshole around Frank’s dick; he started pushing all the way down, and back up. Eventually, Gerard’s motions grew faster, and faster, until he started to ride Frank.

Gerard was totally faking all of his moans. They were way too loud for him. Frank knew he was faking, but didn’t care; he’ll take everything he can get.

Gerard continued to ride Frank like a roller coaster, even when Frank started talking:

“Gerard?” He said in between pants. “I like this Way better.”

“Yeah, I figured. Mikey does suck in bed.” Gerard panted, or moaned.

“No. He doesn’t suck. You do, so you’re automatically the best in bed.” Frank replied. He had to hurry with what he was saying, because he was about to come soon. “I do have a big dick.”

“Sure you do.” Gerard said, as he moved even faster. “Oh, wow, Frank, you’re so good.”

“My dick is bigger than yours. So I think we should do it this way instead.” Gerard opened his eyes wider. Gerard was better when he was on top! Just because Frank’s dick is bigger, doesn’t mean that he has to be bottom forever! Being bottom is boring! Gerard sighed: he knew what was going to happen next…

Yay! I am actually ending this short because I am fucking hungry.

I honestly do not know what the fuck this is… I am going to read this to my therapist on Thursday! So… hah!

By the Way, hip hip hooray for me. I had to bring in the Way pun. Now, everytime I am at school, I ALWAYS capitalize "Way."

In my mind, Frank and Gerard have giant dicks, unlike this story.
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