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In which Syusuke makes a comparison instead of saying things plainly. Yuuta drabblet. Gen.

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by Charis

Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis is not mine. No copyright infringement is intended.

Notes: Because I needed to get the Echizen out of my brain. I like KENN's angry Yuuta. :D

Syusuke told Yuuta once, when he came home for dinner after St Rudolph's match with Seigaku, about Echizen's father and the younger boy's all-consuming desire to surpass him. "They call him 'Samurai Junior' in the magazines," Syusuke had said, "because his father was called Samurai when he was a pro, and Echizen plays very a very similar game."

Yuuta ate his curry in silence, absorbing that even as he wondered why Syusuke had brought such an unexpected topic up. He didn't realise until the next morning, sitting in the car and staring out the window while neesan drove him back to school, that it was his aniki's way of telling Yuuta /you two aren't so different/.

He didn't realise until much later that it was also Syusuke's way of saying /I understand/.

- finis -
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