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let me have my heart ache in peace

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I quickly run up the stairs before he has time to stop me. I run into the lounge on my way toward the front door. I don’t even have any shoes on, I left them in Gee’s room, but I am not going back down there. It’s so early in the morning that the sun hasn’t even risen yet. Mikey, Ray and Bob are all sitting on the couch watching a movie as I enter the room. I would have thought they would be asleep or something but sadly no and now they are going to see me like this, a tragic wrecked.

“Oh my god! Frank! You lost?” Mikey yells as he quickly turns around on the couch. I freak out like a dear caught in the head lights of a truck. I don’t want to be seen like this. I just want to run home and go to school like nothing ever happen.

“NOOOO!” Bob cries out like it’s the end of the world.

“Ha! Pay up bitch!” Ray cheers holding his hand out to Bob who pays him a twenty dollar bill. Obviously they had a side bet going on. Mikey’s face suddenly turns concerned as he notices my teary expression.

“Frank, what’s wrong? Are you ok?” He asks getting up to walk toward me. Bob and Ray stop their bickering to focuses on me. I look away from my friends feeling pathetic. Gerard’s footsteps grow louder as he climes the stairs.

“Frank?” Bob asks as they all look at me like I’m dying in front of them. Gerard walks into the room not even registering anybody else as he walks straight to me staring at him with wide eyes. He opens his mouth to speak but I cut him off by shaking my head and chock out a very unconvincing ‘I’m fine’ as I sprint toward the front door before anyone can stop me.

“Gerard what the fuck did you do to?!” I hear Mikey ask as I sprint down the front steps into the dark.

“Shut up Mikey. Frank wait!” I ignore Gee as he follows me. I run bare footed down his drive way but Gerard is close behind.

“Frank!” Gerard calls out in a pained voice. No, no, no, no. let me have my heart ache in peace. I feel his arms wrap around me as he catches me. He holds me tight as I try to struggle free.

“Gee please!” I cry. I sob. I break in his arms. My knees go weak but Gerard holds me up. Why won’t he let me go?

“Frank, I’m sorry. Tell me what to do. I’d do anything for you.” He begs me, resting his forehead on my shoulder. I try to squirm out of his grip as he hugs me from behind as he just holds on. I turn around to push on his chest but I’m too upset to have any real strength. I notice out of the corner of my eye our friends watching from the door way, Gerard also notices.

“Seriously guys? Piss off!” he snaps at them and they dash away from the door like mice. Gerard pulls me into his chest and I give in. I hug him tight. I surrender to the warmth and security of his embrace as the cool air brushes my arms. It’s dark outside but the streetlights provide appropriate light. My heart hurts as it threatens to rip apart my chest. I notice that Gerard heart is also beating hard and I hold him even tighter closing my eyes. We hold each other for a while as I calm down. I feel his breath on my neck and I don’t feel like crying anymore, I feel tied but I’m not going to burst out into tears.

“I wanted you to kiss me.” I mutter into his shirt. Gerard pulls back a bit to face me. I open my eyes again to be met with a very confused expression.


“I wanted you to kiss me on the lips but you never did.” I chock out. Pathetic emotion washes over my small frame leaving me feeling stupid. Gerard just smiles softly at me and rubs my upper arms.

“Oh Frankie, is that what this is all about? I didn’t kiss you because…” He awkwardly looks away but then continues.

“I thought that…you were…well, I don’t know…” he stops and closes his eyes with embarrassment. I stare at him confused, what is he trying to say? He breathes in deep then sighs out loud dropping his arms to his side, I instantly miss his contact.

“Frankie I’ve wanted to kiss you or a long time now. I was scared to kiss you on the lips before,” he confesses awkwardly, shifting on his feet from side to side.

“Scared? Of what?” I ask urgently, wait…did he just say he’s wanted to kiss me for a long time now? He opens his hazel orbs to look at me. The light in his eyes sends a wave of warmth throughout my blood. I love his eye.

“I was scared that you might not have wanted me to, like I thought what if you were just mucking around? Then when you pushed me away and you looked like you were about to cry I thought I taken it too far and you wanted to stop.” I blink at him and it’s quiet for a moment.

“Dude! I’m confused.” I admitted. It could be the fact that none of us has slept for the last two nights, but I’m disordered and emotional…and I really want to just kiss him.

“So am I. I can’t function on such little sleep and no coffee!” We both smile at each other. It feels good to smile.

“Ok, let’s just lay everything out on the table and be completely truthful.” Gerard suggests uses his hands as he talked, like it somehow makes everything completely clear. I smirk and nod my head while never looking away from him. I don’t want to miss anything or not understand.

“Frank,” I look at him wide eyed…still a little confused but concentrating.

“Gerard.” I nodded at him again. He smiled at me nervously but then carried on.

“I like you, I have a crush on you. I want you kiss you 24/7. I’m gay… for you.” He states clearly with no room for misunderstandings. I’m a little gob smacked but happy beyond relief. Gerard just stares at me with a questioning look.

“Umm…how do you feel about that?” he asks with a bit of concern.

“Fucking great.” I smile widely and try not to giggle like a pot head. Gerard Smiles fondly at me but fuses his eyebrows together.

“Umm Frank?”


“Do you feel the same way?” He asks with the most adorable little confused expression. I suppose I should tell him how I feel.

“I love you.” The words just fall out of my mouth and as I hear my own voice I slightly panic. Was I coming on too strong? Am I moving too fast? Oh shit! I kinda wish I could take that back now. Gerard must have noticed the panic in my eyes because all he does is step forward and takes ahold of my hands. He leans in really close and rests our foreheads together. I lace our finger together and look deep into his stunning eyes.

“Do you mean it?” he whispers quietly, his gentle breathe caresses my lips that curve into a soft smile.

“Yes. Gerard… I love you.” I whisper back softly as our bodies move closer together.

“Good, because I love you Frank.” His lips brush against mine as he speaks. My heart beats strong and my stomach feels like it’s layered in warm honey. I breathe in what he exhales as my eyes begin to close.

Timidly I feel his lips press against mine and a feeling of pure bliss surrounds us. I nearly gasp but contain myself as I move in sync with him. He tilts his head slightly to the side to better claim my lips as I push the front of my body against his while our arms wrap around each other. Gerard softly moans as I tangle my fingers into his hair. The tip of his tongue smoothly runs along my bottom lip, politely asking for permition to enter. I part my lips slightly and I feel him slowly enter my mouth. He’s gentle and caring as our tongues encounter for the first time (But so not the last time.) I humm as I lick the pink muscle and pull Gerard closer to me to create more pressure.

He runs his hands down to my ass and pulls me in. I can feel his hard on and I groan with lust and need. I completely forget that were out in the middle of the street and that Mikey, Bob and Ray are probably watching us from the front window, nosey bustards. But I don’t really care because right now I’m in the arms of the boy I love and he loves me but the best part is he’s kissing me…on the lips. This is more than an experiment, he’s not just mucking around, trying it on. This is real, this is love.

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