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Happy day :)

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Supa Happeh!

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Hi everyboday!

(P.S:I spelt it like that for effect,instead of saying 'everybodyy' I shall now say 'everyboday'.Suck on that)

Today is the 5-month-anniversary of becoming a Killjoy!

Yes,on the 25th August 2012,I became a killjoy.

^-^ Happy!


I finished My Love Story today.
I think I'mma write a sequel to it.
Maybe in Abbey's P.O.V?
I dunno,what do you guys think?

I want YOUR aproval,cuz I trust you guys with my life.
Okay so,here are my best buddies.

in order.

1)Amy (You were my first reviewer,so..)
2)Penina (My second reviewer I think,plus you always auditioned in my fic auditions first..)
3)Raven (you're cool!)
4)A.J (You promote abstinence,plus I love your One-shot fic thingy)
5)Shayla (again,you're cool!)
6)Ellie (I love ya,your blog on here is the BEST.Like,ever.You were my inspiration to write my blog!)
7)Christy (Awesome and funny!)
8)Taylor (You are awesome,my little killjoy baby in my Keep Running fic. :) )
9)Mia (What's not to like about you? NOTHING!)
10)Hozzie (I like ya,gurl!)
and Finally...

11)Sophie (Your one-shots are very enjoyable,still waiting on mine.)

I love all you guys,a lot.

Gerard (revenge era):Umm...Hello?

I love you too,Revenge-Era Gee.

Gerard (Revenge era):Okay! (Sips his coffee while drawing)

Imaginary Boyfriends these days..

Gerard (Revenge Era):Imaginary?

Well,I'm the only one who can hear you,so,yeah.You're pretty much imaginary.

Gerard (Revenge Era):So,in a way.You're all mine?

Whatever floats your boat,I guess..
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