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Gerard promised

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Mikey is getting bullied and is suicidal . One shot .

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So this a one shot I wrote ... A few minutes ago really . Just popped into my head . Poor mikey :(

"Hey! Faggot , I'm talking to you!" A voice screamed behind me," don't ignore me!"

I felt a hand on my shoulder and I was forced to turn around and look at the owner . Of course ... It was Cain.

"Where the fuck is my money?"

I stuck my hand in my pocket and drew out five twentys and handed them to him silently.

"Ah , there's a good whore," he smiled sarcastically .

Please leave me alone , please leave me alone ...

But of course he didn't. He grabbed me by my hair and dragged me into the boys toilets , and began to beat me . He hurt every inch of my body , slamming my head of the radiator multiple times , he spat on me ... and when he was done , he dragged me into the toilet , locked the door , and then climbed over the top and ran for it . It hurt so bad ...


Hours later , I was found by gerard, my big brother . The look of horror on his face was heart breaking , and he started crying as he scooped me up in his arms and carried me out of the toilets .

He didn't bother to take me to the nurse , he just carried me all the way home and took me down to his basement bedroom .

He cleaned my cuts and bandaged my arm , getting an ice pack for my head and finding some of his own PJ's for me to wear. He shushed me when I tried to tell him that I was okay , and told me to rest . I layed in Gerard's room for 2 days , every part of my body aching, but finally finding the strength to drag my self out of his insanely comfortable bed , and when he saw me , his face lit up.

I'm so glad that you're okay mikey," he smiled," I've been checking in on you , but every time I did you've been sleeping."

I ran my fingers through my mousey blonde hair and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes," what day is it?"

Gerard chuckled,"sunday little bro, you okay to go back to school tomorrow?"

I shrugged," I guess so, gonna have to go in some time"

I smiled at him , but inside I was screaming .. Don't make me go back ... He'll get me ... I know he will...

Gerard took the last gulp of his coffee and stood up .

"I'm going to work now , but I'll be back in an hour or so to check up on you," he said," you'll be okay , yeah?"

I nodded ,"course I will be gee , I'm 16 for gods sake"

He laughed and ruffled my hair,"you'll always be a frightened 6 year old in my eyes , wanting to climb into my bed when you had a nightmare"

I chuckled,and he hugged me and left . I was alone in this huge house , which mom and dad had left us. They died 2 years ago , when I was 14 ... It was a tragic car accident . Gerard was only 17 , and took a year off school to get a proper job to sort us , but then we had the reading of the will ... Turns out that our parents had over 4 million dollars in savings , and that it was all ours. So gerard had bought this house for just me and him, and a new car and stuff. And , even then , gerard had gotten a job , and still went to school to complete the year of school that he missed .


I collapsed against the bathroom radiator , wiping the blood that was coming out of my nose away and began to silently sob to myself . I had let Cain beat me again . I had gave him my money , the let him hurt me ... Hurt me physically and mentally . I had enough . I was worn down . I had made up my mind . Tonight ...

When I got home , I hugged gerard . Hugged him and told him how much that I loved him

"You really are the best big brother ever Gerard . I love you"

He hugged me back," hey mikes , I love you too and all , but what's with ..."

I just wanted to tell you Gee, just wanted you to know" I told him ,and then hugged him one last time , and walked up to my room .

I got out my note pad , and picked up my pen . -

Dear Gerard .

Remember when I was 9 and you were 12 , and me and you went to the park and I fell off the swing and hurt my knee ? Well , I do . I can remember, you carried me all the way home , even though it was just a graze. You didn't have to , but you did . I can remember when we where even younger , and I used to get into your bed when I had nightmares , you kept me safe, and now , you work your self until you're ill , even though you don't have too , but you do . You're my big Bro , I love you ,and you're my best friend . Always have been , always will be .

I love you . This is not your fault . I want this . Just tell them that they won. I've gone , and they're there . Just remember you will always burn as bright . Promise not to cry gee , for me . Please? The light behind your eyes will always be there . And so will mine... Together burning bright , remember ?

I love you Gerard , I'm so,so sorry

Mikey XOXO

I folded the note , and placed it onto my dresser table . I opened the drawer to my night stand and drew out several blades and a container of pills. This was it , this was the end. I cut for the last time , and swallowed the pills in turn. Finally . The end it was coming ... I knew that I was escaping . The light was never going to be taken from behind my eyes though ... Gerard promised . I'm always going to burn as bright ... Gerard promised .
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