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Chapter Nine

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"We're so sorry Shando."

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One Week Later...

It had been a week since Frank and Penina had taken Mia and Amulet and left Shando with the Way family. Although the Way's were being friendly and genuinelly seemed to enjoy Shando's company, she couldn't help wishing that her parents would stop acting weird and just come home. She missed Mia and her Mom and Dad so much. She wasn't sure if she missed Amulet that much. For twins, they were so different and that upset her. She wished she could love and be best friends with her twin but it would never work out.

That day after school, when Shando and Lottie walked through the front door laughing about something their Science teacher had said, Gerard called for the two of them to come into the kitchen. Lottie went into the kitchen first and Shando followed her and her eyes widened to find Frank and Penina sitting there "Mom! Dad!" She cried, running over and hugging her Dad tightly first then turning to her Mom and hugging her too. Frank and Penina looked like they were going to burst into tears. They knew it would be the last time Shando ever called them Mom and Dad.

"Where have you been?" Shando asked, taking a seat. Lottie started shuffling awkwardly out of the room but Gerard gestured that she needed to sit down too so she came in and sat down next to Shando.

"We umm we needed to talk about something." Frank said awkwardly.

Gerard sighed "There's something that I need to tell Lottie first." He took his daughters hand "Lottie... Me and your Mom have been talking. And you're old enough to know now. Well, we know we should've told you sooner but... We just wanted you to be happy. You know that, right?" Lottie nodded, looking worried "You're not an only child Lottie. You have a twin sister." Lottie's eyes widened "Her name was Jessica. One night when you were both asleep in your nursery, someone broke in and took Jessica. Which is why me and your Mom... Which is why we've been so upset for as long as you can remember."

Lottie thought about it and everything started to make sense. Why her parents had avoided her bedroom so much. Why whenever she drew a picture titled 'My Family' her Mom would burst into tears. Why they were so protective over her "Oh My God..." Lottie whispered, her hand going to her mouth.

"That's not the end." Frank swallowed "We just had a long talk with Gerard. And he knows now." Frank took a deep breath then suddenly burst into tears.

Penina put her arm around Frank "Shando... We love you so much. But... You're not our daughter. Not Amulet's twin sister. You're Jessica. Lottie's twin sister. Gerard's daughter."

Shando's eyes widened and filled with tears "B-But why?"

"Amulet had a twin sister too. But she died. And Amulet was left." Penina whispered as Frank carried on sobbing "And we saw Lottie and Gerard with their new born twins. I don't know what was going through our minds but we got an idea."

Shando started crying "I had to grow up away from my blood family?"

"We're so sorry Shando. Jessica. Whatever you want to be called now." Frank said shakily, tears still falling down his cheeks "We can never ever make up for what we did. But when Gerard told us what Christy was going through after we kidnapped you, we knew we had to do the right thing."

"Which is why we went away for a while." Penina carried on "We needed to talk about this. Mia and Amulet know everything and they think we did the wrong thing too. Oh God, Mia's face. She was so disappointed in us. Amulet's acting like she doesn't care but we know she does really."

"Are you kidding? It's probably a relief for her." Shando said, wiping away a few of her tears "Realising I'm not really her twin sister."

"Of course not. She always loved you. She did." Penina said but she knew she wasn't kidding anyone.

"So... Shando's my sister?" Lottie asked shakily.

"Yes, she is Sweetheart." Gerard said "Which is why we needed to talk to you two. You both needed to know the truth. And now Shando, you get to make the decision. You can come and live with us, your blood family. Or you can stay with Penina and Frank, your adopted family."

"Y-You'd really let us keep her?" Penina asked "If she wanted to continue living with us?"

"Well, you have raised her perfectly." Gerard said awkwardly and reluctantly "You took really good care of her. You've been there for her her entire life. But Shando needs to choose."

Shando sighed and ran her fingers through her short blonde hair "I think..." She swallowed "I think I wanna move in here. And change my name back to Jessica. That's a nice name." She looked at Frank and Penina "But I wanna carry on seeing you two as well. Maybe I could stay over on a Friday night or something? And sometimes stay for the whole weekend. What you did was wrong... But I still think of you as my parents. Gerard's right. You raised me my entire life. And I still love Mia. And maybe Amulet."

Frank held out his arms and Shando burst into fresh tears and threw herself at him. Lottie started crying too and got up to hug her Dad.

Three months later...

They had decided to move house. Shando, Lottie and Amulet didn't want people knowing about what had happened at their school. So Frank and his family moved nearer Ray while Gerad and his family moved nearer Mikey. They were still only a ten minute distance away from each other but Amulet had to go to a different school from Lottie and Jessica.

They'd only just finished moving all their stuff in and Lottie and Jessica were starting their first day at their new school "Good luck girls." Chisty said, smiling as she handed them their lunch and kissed them both on the tops of their heads.

"Thanks Mom." Lottie replied.

"Thanks Christy." Jessica said. She hadn't got used to calling her Mom yet but she wanted to one day. She'd stopped calling Frank and Penina Mom and Dad and just called them by their names.

"Yes girls, have a great day." Gerard said, hugging them both.

They both set out, walking down the road to their new school "It's weird." Lottie said "I still can't get over that you're my sister."

"I still can't get over the fact that my name's now Jessica." She giggled "But it is weird."

Lottie linked Jessica's arm "I'm glad you're my twin you know. I kinda always wanted one. I never realise that I did have one."

"I'm glad you're my twin too." Jessica replied, feeling a pang when she thought of Amulet who had even less to do with her now that she knew they weren't blood related "I guess I loved Amulet really but we weren't friends. Not the way we are."

"Well. That's the way it always should've been." Lottie smiled and the two of them walked through the gates to their new school "You and me against the world. Forever."

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