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;_; I'm sad now.

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I'm extremely depressed right now.

Why,you ask?

Fall Out Boy.
They're not coming off hiatus.

The rumours were fake.

;_; someone cry with me?

(sips milkshake)

Also,the reviews are really quiet tonight.

You all must be asleep.

I'm sorry if I disturbed your slumber with my FOB feels.

(Rocking back and forth with a crazed expression on my face)

Jeez,Sadie.Stop being so dramatic!

Oh,shut it Gee.I'm not in the mood.

Harsh (leaves)

Fuck.He'll be bothering me all night now.

Bad move.

What the fuck did I tell you about coming into my mind?

You said not to?

Yeah.Pretty much.

Sowwie (leaves)

There I get a little bit of peace.

No you don't.

For God sake Frank!

Don't use the God's name in vain,Sadie!

I do what I please,now GO!

Fine. (leaves)

I've now pissed my imaginary boyfriend off,thanks Fall Out Boy!


Yeah,I'll write some shit tommorow on here.

Do you guys want me to write you a one-shot,y'know,to keep me busy?

Just tell me weather you want:







also,if you want it based on a certain song,tell me.

Now,hopefully Gerard isn't so mad now.

I'm not mad at you no more,Sadie (kisses)

Thank the fucking lord for that.
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