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Life On Da Murder Scene :)

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I'm talking about Life on the murder scene,the funny bits,the sad bit of it,all the odds and bods.

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Hey guys!

So,I just updated on my love story,it seems pretty good.

Right,on with this bit then.

I watched life on the murder scene last night,off youtube.

What's Life On The Murder Scene you ask?

It's MCR's video biography!

You get it with Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge,I think.
It's like 2 hours long.

I have some really funny bits from there,funny quotes.

"Better stay on that side of the street mothafucka,I'll knock you out!"


"Sometimes,I'd get left at truckstops.I'd have to call them up.I'd be like 'Hey' and they'd be like 'Hey,how's it goin' and I'll be like 'Notice something's missing from the van?' and they'd kinda look around and be like 'Aw shit' and turn back.'


'I think my mom bought about 10,999 of them.."

xD and I bought that one CD in the first week.


Now,the saddest bit ever in LOTMS (Life On The Murder Scene)
Gerard's addiction.

When I saw him like that,I couldn't stand it.
I hated how he was,how he thought it was what he had to do.
And then,I nearly cried,because of how much he has overcome.
I'm really proud of him,he is my hero,and he always will be.

I think My Chem should make another Life On The Murder Scene,but from The Black Parade until now.
I mean,they went through tons of shit with the black parade.
Especially being bashed by the Daily Mail!

You dunno what happened?
I'll tell you.

So,there was this 13 year old girl named Hannah Bond,who hung herself in 2008.
And guess who got the blame?

My Chem did.

Now,I will say this most days,from now on.


There was also like a protest of MCR fans outside the Daily Mail offices.
They planned a mass suicide thing,I don't think anyone actually committed suicide.
But if they did,it's completely fucking disrespectful to MCR.

I mean,they are AGAINST suicide and self-harm.
This band is mean't to save lives!
Not end them!
Gerard even said so for fuck sake!
He overcame his drug addiction and suicidal state because of MCR!

Rant over,biatch.
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