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So, This Stings...

by atomickilljoy 8 reviews

Wow, it really does.

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So...I go on my account today to find out that my stories..
Like, pretty much all of them
Were rated down.

That sucks.

Like, I really do try hard to write for you guys and for myself, too. I 'm really fragile when it comes to my writing, so seeing that it was all rated
And the thing is, even if you do rate everything back up, it forever has that title of "Trainwreck" or "Mary Sue". And all that I have worked for, every single story that I had finally gotten green, it's not green anymore.

They don't know how hard I worked for that. They have no idea how worthless I feel now. I worked so hard and(Oh god, liquid is coming out from my eyes) there's nothing to show for it. I really felt so special. You know? I felt so special knowing that MY story, something I created, was forever going to be in the Featured Story section. Now, it's not. The writing was in vain. Now, I feel like my worth has gone down by 100. Just when I thought things were gonna be okay.

I mean, what person would go through the trouble of saving up rating points and rating everything so dear to me, down? Who would do that?

So, whoever did it, congratulations. Congratulations on making a 14 year old nerd, who has done nothing wrong but write songs and stories, cry.
Because you must be awarded a medal for making the Oh So Strong And Mighty AJ cry.
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