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To Sum it Up

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I guess this is what you would call "my story"

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I could tell you a huge long story about what happened,
But I won’t.
I don’t want people to know, because I have been told “What the fuck?! That’s the whimpiest story I heard… have no right to complain! So many people have been through worse”- Said by someone who I thought actually cared about my well being.

I’m going to sum it all up,
-My best friend left to high school for grade 9 (her mom made her)
-Everyone else looked at me as the choice after the last resort
-I was pushed out of all the groups, I was alone; no friends to go to the movies with, nobody to help me with anything…
-My parents started acting like asses
-My “friend” who I told almost everything to (a lot about the self-harm, suicide and my sexuality) turned her back, and told my secrets

Doesn’t seem too bad, but that’s only what I’m saying….because I can’t word out what happened (don’t want to re-live all that shit, like who would?)

Honestly though; the therapy didn’t help at all (especially since the one I didn’t mind left), my “friends” were bitches who can’t be trusted with anything; and my parents are too judgemental.
Hence why I turned to music…

No sorry guys, MCR wasn’t the band who saved my life…honesty, I am not even going to lie.
A lot of people probably know this (how many times I’ve said it before…so do NOT GET MAD! Okay, or I will be a pissed off motherfucker)
But that band is my favorite (yes, I chose a favorite band…..bite me); Simple Plan
There are how many bands who’ve helped me? But as my friend told me once
“There are going to be so many bands you hear…they’ll come and go. Be your obsession for a bit then fade out of your favorites. But there will always be that one band you always go back to, the band who has the lyrics that describe your life better than you EVER can. That band is who changed your life the most”

Yeah, my life in a summary- I hate it; you would not know how fast I would give it up if it didn’t hurt the people around me.
So in the words of Billy Talent…
Won’t get the best of me
That shit is killing me

-shrugs- I don’t want people pitying me so
Bye broskies
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