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Professor Deathdefying's School For Gifted Youngsters

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Frerard fic based on X-Men.

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Frank is the boy that always sits in the corner and stares. I can never figure out what he’s staring at, though. It’s like he’s staring at one thing, but the thing he’s staring at moves from place to place. An example would be; Last week was Frank’s fifth visit here, he sat in the chair in the corner of the chill-out room and stared at the ground for precisely six minutes before his stare glided to the painting above the bookcase, filled with dusty classical books like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Moby Dick. He always stares but never looks at another person, avoids their gazes. He doesn’t blink much, either.

He’s always alone and hates being touched. He’d always have the same thing from the cafeteria; for breakfast he’ll have a bowl of cornflakes sprinkled with exactly quarter of a teaspoon of sugar. For lunch he’ll have either a cheese sandwich or tomato soup. For tea he’ll have a bowl of noodles and for supper he’ll have a glass of water. It’s strange, really. No-one but him has any guidelines for food here. Well, I always have to eat something green on Mondays and something yellow on Thursdays. I don’t tell anyone why because then they’ll know, then. They’ll find out my secret. No-one sees Frank much because he doesn’t belong here. That’s what they say. But he does. I know it.

You see, this place is for people with…abilities. Superpowers, if you must. Not like Superman or the Hulk, nothing like that. This is more like X-Men. People even call it Professor Deathdefying’s School For Gifted Youngsters – changing Xavier for Deathdefying because he’s the professor of the school. All of the kids live on campus. Either because their families have rejected them or they live far away. It’s neither for me; I like living here.

No-one here can fly and no-one has super-strength, the most wanted of abilities. But everyone has their own power, each one of us is unique. I know everyone’s power, some of which are more interesting than others, like Amelia, her power is that she can move items with her mind, Telekinesis, they call it. I’d love to be able to do at that. Or Matt’s power, he has mind control, which is not fair at all. Nani has the power of teleportation; she likes to cheat at basketball.

“Gerard.” Ray says, shaking me out of my thoughts. Ray’s power is similar to Cyclops’ from X-Men but he doesn’t have to wear the awesome headgear, he controls it at will. “Oi, Gayrard.” He says, nudging me. I hate it when people call me Gayrard, just because I’m gay doesn’t mean people can change the letters of my name to point it out. Everyone knows anyway. It’s either Gayrard or Gay Way. Even Mikey calls me these idiotic names. Mikey Way is my brother, he doesn’t belong here, I knew from the moment he was born. Mikey is normal – and lucky to have such and awesome brother, of course. “Maysie found out that Frank’s coming for a visit.” Ray tells me.

Of course Maysie found out, she can hear things from miles away. I nod offhandedly, trying to get back to my thoughts because right now, I couldn’t give a tiny rat’s ass about Frank. I was too busy reading Nani’s mind, because that’s my power, reading minds. But I could give a tiny rat’s ass about Frank – not literally, I can read the minds of animals too, that’s where more nicknames come in. Dr Doolittle, Adrian calls me (He has the power to control the weather – Like Storm)

Frank is different than the others. His mind is clouded and it hurts me to even attempt to read it. I have to figure out why. Why can’t I read his mind? It befuddles me to the brink of insanity. But that’s what I am. Insane.

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