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The Dead Can't Testify

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Based off the Billy Talent song--What will happen when Gerard is accused of witchcraft?

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Based off The Dead Can’t Testify by Billy Talent

Let the rain fall down, let it fall to the ground,
Let the rain fall down to the ground.
And the birds don't sing, no they don't make a sound,
When you're six feet underground.

Nothing, he would hear nothing anymore; he was 6 feet under and nobody did a thing to prevent it.
They just stood, watching, rain soaking the ground, the people, the tear stained faces.

Well they cast me out when the word spread around
That I never sang in the church.
And it took one night for the town to decide
I'm afflicted by the curse.

“Gerard, just sing. It’s better to fake it than raise suspicions.” Mikey whispered,a s the chapel filled with various voices singing to some song praising god.

“No. I refuse to be something I’m not.” Gerard growled, mouth never moving as the songs went on and on.

After nearly 5 songs where sung, a woman called out.

“STOP STOP! He is cursed, god bless his cursed soul!” Her high voice called, blue eyes full of fear as she fanned herself with a paper fan.

Suddenly the room filled with, “Who?!” and “How dare he!” Along with a hushed “For fuck sakes Gee.”
The elder Way looked over at his nervous younger brother, who was scanning the room.

“Mikey, it’s all right. They have no proof of anything. I didn’t do anything wrong.” Gerard whispered in attempts to calm him down.

“YOU!” The priest called from his spot at the front of the church, frail finger pointing at the dark haired boy.
“YOU ARE CURSED! Your soul shall suffer eternal damnation.” Everyone gasped, all eyes focusing on the boy.

“You can’t do this! You need proof! A trial, I didn’t do anything!!” Gerard fought, as two guards approached him, pulling him away from his brother.

Mikey watched as they tore his brother away from him, assuming he was the witch who plagued the town with sickness, pain, death.

“We shall let out early today, for we have a criminal who must be charged.” The priest called out, ending church with a prayer and “god bless your families.”

Taking a step outside, to where the sun was beginning to be hidden behind grey clouds, Mikey sighed.
They can’t do this, he didn’t do anything except refuse to sing!
Sitting on the step, uncaring of how dirty his clothes would be after, the boy lowered his head into his palms.

“Micheal.” A woman’s voice greeted from behind him.

“Mother.” He whispered, looking up at the woman. “He didn’t do it. He doesn’t perform witchcraft.” Mikey fought, knowing he would probably be the only one fighting for Gerard’s innocence.

“I know, but we can’t fight against the church.” His mother pressed a soft kiss against her son’s flat hair, before walking off.

What a great mother, not even fighting for her own son
An agitated sigh escaped the boy’s lips, knowing that within the church this would be considered a deadly sin.

Don’t just sit there! Fight for him A voice growled from the back of his mind.
With an internal confused look, Mikey stood and made his way back to his house; to change out of what he wore for the service.

Hurry! If they won’t belive he’s innocent, make them! Quickly making his way to the courthouse, Mikey walked up to a guard.

“Where’s my brother?” He asked in a calm voice, not about to get arrested for violence against an officer.

“Down there.” Pointing to a flight of stairs, the guard gave Mikey a look. “You do know that you can’t go alone.” Nodding, Mikey followed the officer to where his brother was held.

“Gerard.” The boy whispered to his brother, who was sitting by the window, eyes gazing out lifelessy.

“What? If you’re here to say you’re going to help. It’s no use, don’t waste your time.” Gerard mumbled, facing the truth.
Within their town, if someone believed your using or affected by witchcraft, you died within a week.

“Their not going to get you…they won’t!” Mikey growled, as a woman came down the stairs, crying her eyes out.

“YOU! You sick bastard.” She growled, red rimmed eyes glaring at the locked up boy. “You were the last one to see her, you killed her!” The woman screamed.

“What did he do?!” Mikey yelled, standing eyes narrowed at the woman who was accusing his brother of murder.

“A day after he had touched my daughter, just a brush of hands; she died. It was a curse!” The woman yelled; refusing to accept her daughter dying of the vicious plague that was going around.

“She died from the plague ma’am.” An officer attempted to calm her down, eyes glaring at Gerard.

“BECAUSE OF HIM! He cursed our beloved town with the Black Plauge that took my baby girl!” The woman, currently in hysterics had to be escorted out, leaving only 8 words to be said.

“Gerard Way, you are affected by the curse.”

And the rain falls down, let it fall to the ground.
And the birds don't sing, no they don't make a sound.
So I looked to the sky, tell me why, tell me why,
Do they all get to live, and I have to die?

The next day, it rained and it poured; yet the weather wasn’t going to dely fate. Everything was silent, the birds didn’t dare sing in the morning to brighten the mood for the day, it was almost like they knew what was coming.

Gerard opened his eyes when a low, angry voice yelled for him to wake up. Once awake, and standing, they tied a rope around his wrists, leaving his hands to get none of the blood his pounding heart was giving.

Once pushed outside, and soaked by the bucketloads of rain, Gerard looked up; sending a silent message to anyone who would listen.
Please, tell me. Why, why out of all the vicious, cruel, lowlife scums of this town; do I, an innocent man have to die? Leaving the rest of the people who are rooting and cheering for my death get to live on their happy lives. All of this because I refused to sing a couple of songs?!

So they marched me down to the center of town,
With their pitchforks high in the air.
I was chained and bound with a blindfold around
So the judge wouldn't catch my stare.
And they hung my soul from the gallows pole
But the witch they never found.
So to those who don't fit society's mold,
Learn to swim or you will drown.

A crowd of angry civilians had joined the officers, raising their pitchforks as they chanted for Gerard’s death. This lasted until they got to the center of the town, where they had a judge, who was absolutely positive he was performing witchcraft, and would find great pleasure in his death.
“Stand still.” A guard growled, causing Gerard to stand straight and unmoving as he pulled a blindfold over his eyes.
“Now we wouldn’t want you using your dark magic to persuade the fair judge out of providing proper punishment, would we?” With a sigh, Gerard felt himself being pushed up stairs to where they slid a rope around his neck.

In a matter of seconds, Mikey witnessed his living, breathing, very much alive brother lose his life, for a false accusation.
They killed an innocent man, took away a son, a brother; to kill a witch that may not even exist.
Learn to swim Mikey, or you’ll be the next one hanging by a thread The voice whispered, as Mikey felt a burning sensation in his eyes.

And the rain falls down, let it fall to the ground.
And the birds don't sing, no they don't make a sound.
So I look to the sky, tell me why, tell me why,
Do they all get to live, and I have to die?

And the angels sing: let it shine, let it shine,
Dry the teardrops from my eyes.
And the bells will ring when the blind lead the blind,
'Cause the dead can't testify.
And because I can't take an eye for an eye,
In the afterlife I'll haunt you 'till you die!

The rain continued to soak the townspeople as they felt that justice had been served.
Looking at the blackening sky, Gerard glared.
“Why did I have to fucking die?! I didn’t do anything yet I got punished.”

Days had gone by, the rain stopped enough for the townspeople to have a celebration, believing that they had ridden themselves of the witch.
People sang, danced, toasted even to this “amazing day”.
Everyone except a certain Mikey Way.
The sun, gradually drying the wetness of his cheeks.
Men aren’t supposed to cry
He deserved what he got! How many lives where lost because of him!
Be happy, we can all sleep peacefully now Various people explained, although Mikey just ignored them to the point that they would give him a dirty look and walk away.
Bells are going to ring, a reason for celebration will be the day when justice is blind. One day, not one innocent soul will be punished for what this town is doing, the way it’s running. A familiar voice explained to Mikey.
Trust me, I won’t let them get you… A part of the youngest Way was overjoyed that his brother had said this; then there was the other part that wondered how in the hell this was possible.
“I’m not taking an eye for an eye, nothing they can do will fix what they’ve done.” Mikey whispered back, only to receive weird looks from those in earshot.

The judge, who had chosen Gerard’s fate awoke in a panic. Eyes darting around the dark room, his heart pounding against his ribs.
“Wrong choice.” A voice whispered from the darkness, as the man he had sentenced to death only hours ago appeared, face inches away.
“You were right about a witch…..except you killed the wrong person.” Gerard growled, as the man slid out of his bed; making his way outside to get some fresh air.
“Watch you’re step.” Gerard pointed out a broken piece of glass that stood in front of him.
“Why?! How long are you going to do this?!” The judge yelled, looking at the dark haired man.

“You killed me, you know straight off who the real witch is, yet I was the one who suffered. I’m going to continue doing this until you own up to who the real witch is.” Gerard growled.

“No, he can’t die! He is the only one who will carry on the Iero name!” The judge yelled, he was doing this for his son’s safety.

“Then say goodnight.” The judge turned to see his son standing behind him, eyes narrowed.

“Frank, what are you doing?” The man whispered, looking at his obviously angry son.

“You murdered my friend; as the saying goes. Take an eye for an eye…it’s only fair to take a life for a life.” With that, the man who had taken lives of many; had his own life taken from him.
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