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Seriously guys, really?

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Okay just read this. NOTE: I will take this down in a few days.

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Okay so umm hi,

I am pretty new on here (like I only have a few stories and stuff posted) but I really feel like I have to get this out.

Ficwad is my life. Fanfiction and writing and the wonderful people I meet on here mean the world to me. And it makes me so fucking sad that so many of you are choosing to leave.

Yeah it can be rough. Trolls, drama, shit being rated down. But seriously it is only as bad as YOU guys make it. If you decided 'ahh everything is horrible, I'm just gonna fuck off and leave this site' then that is what is gonna happen! You shape YOUR reality with your thoughts. You think like shit, you are gonna feel like shit. The same goes for how we treat each other. You treat each other like shit, then you are gonna get shit back.

I just read yet ANOTHER 'I'm leaving' note, and it depresses the hell outta me. If you wanna leave because you feel you would do better on another site then hey go the fuck for it. But if you are leaving because of all the drama then you are just letting all the trolls and nasty bitches out there win. For every one of those notes that go all 'And I just can't cope with the trolls and the drama blah blah fucking blah' the bad guys get another point. And at this rate they seem to be winning...

We are the fucking MCRmy! Why don't we just hold our fucking heads high and not bother with all this pointless shit!

Lorna could do it. Remember all the bullshit with Suzy? Yeah well she just realized that it was a pointless battle. No point to fucking with the fucked. Let Karma serve its shit.

I strongly believe in XxlovefrankieroxX's one-shot 'Just wanna draw' (if you haven't read it go read it right now it is brilliant, in fact just go read all her stuff, she is so fab) She basically says that who cares what other people think about your work. If you really love it then it shouldn't matter.

We shouldn't be writing for anyone else but ourselves!

And anyway I have gotten more reviews and recognition on this site for my work (as little as that may be) then the previous un-named site that I came from.

This site is wonderful, let's fucking keep it that way.

What does Gerard say (oooh bring out the Gerard quote, shit just got real) 'BE YOURSELF, DON'T TAKE ANYONE'S SHIT, AND NEVER LET THEM TAKE YOU ALIVE'

So let's be brave and stand up fucking tall.

Xoxo Alexandra Lacey Day
PS: I know this may seem harsh, but I have held it in for so long and I am just getting really fucking frustrated.
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