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You assume Sarah is a bad person.

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You assume Sarah is a bad person.
But maybe love is love. Maybe Alicia and mikey didn’t work anymore and someone called it quits. Marriage doesn’t last forever in some cases. of course Alicia can feel sad about finding out her ex was with another woman but seriously? Mikey way is bipolar and was depressed for multiple years of his life. Calling him a disappointing faggot and a failure and otehr crude names doesn’t get you anywhere, and more an likely will just bring him to his knees when he sees it. If he is going through a bad break up who are you to tell him it’s wrong? Who are you to tell him what he did, which not one of us knows so we can’t judge, was a disgrace? Didn’t you start loving him because he was saying you were beautiful and should respect yourself? MCR taught us how to be nice and you just turned you back on them. the pictures I’ve seen with Sarah Mikey looks really happy in. Much happier than what I saw with Alicia. Sorry, it had to be said.

You don’t know what’s going on so stop acting like you do. You’re causing a man trouble and heart ache for no reason. You have no right to smash this guy’s feelings, famous or not.
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