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The one thing I forgot to say

by ImJustFine 1 review

Wait for me.

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When you're nothing but a broken mess
you wonder and they might confess
expressions wandering an awry face
they don't know why they chose this place

Eyes like London and fingers like Rome
your refuge when you feel alone
is tea and grins and ashy blonde hair
your unrequited love affair

You asked the way but got but teeth
fell to join the world at your feet
Satan wore Westwood and played his part
bit a bullet and broke your heart

Though you want to answer every call
there's nothing you can do at all
but bide your time far, far from home
and pray when you're back he won't be gone

Rats in the corner and roaches too
give no care at all about you
rats in the corner, just alike you
only hide till the day is through
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