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Gerard In The Shed

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Gerard reveals his real feelings about the whole Mikey rumor. Not only his feelings on his brother, but his feelings on everyone.

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I rant in the form of writing. Very, very boring Sunday.

I have nothing against Mikey. I have nothing against Lindsey. I have nothing against Gerard. I have nothing against Alicia. I have nothing against Frank. I have nothing against Jamia. I have nothing against marriage.

Gerard reveals his real feelings about the whole Mikey rumor. Not only his feelings on his brother, but his feelings on everyone.

Gerard In The Shed.

Gerard sat down at his kitchen table, alone, after putting Bandit to bed. Thank goodness that Mikey doesn’t have any children.

At lunch, his brother, Mikey, had called him on the phone, crying his eyes out.

“Gerard! Alicia and I are getting a divorce.” Mikey sobbed. Gerard asked what had happened, Mikey said, “Sarah posted on the internet that I am cheating with her.”

Of course, Gerard knew for a fact that Mikey would never cheat. Ever.

“Mikey, you sloppy bastard! Do you have no shame!?” Lindsey was now on the phone, yelling her balls off at Mikey. Alicia sat in the living room with a tissue box in her hands. Lindsey refused to let Mikey stay with them till he finds a new place. She let Alicia stay for as long as she wants.

“Al, honey, you know that you will always be part of this family.” Lindsey cooed and handed her more tissues.

Gerard, Frank, Ray, and Mikey were all sitting at a Starbucks, talking about the new gossip.
“Mikey, why do you wear glasses even though you got Lasik surgery?” Frank asked so he could break the silence. Mikey glared at him through red eyes.

“Bob called me on the phone today.” Mikey said. Gerard sipped at his coffee quietly. He felt terrible for his brother. “He told me that I can turn to Jesus in tough times. Jesus will always understand.”

“I guess you can.”

“Why does everybody have to get involved in this!? I am not banging Sarah!” Mikey shouted, on the verge of tears. All of those rumors are going to ruin his life. “Why would somebody want to even ruin a marriage anyway?”

“Because they’re jealous groupies.” Gerard replied. Mikey looked over to his brother; he was being a real help. Lindsey has already breathed fire at him…

“You know what? How about I got a fuck Sarah, then you guys can fire me for being a mega douche. Then Lindsey can join the band and become the new bassist.” Mikey shouted in sheer anger. Little did he know, Sarah is a complete stalker, and possibly listening to his conversation.

“I would never fire you, Mikey.” Gerard said, sincerely and honestly. If Mikey was fired, and Lindsey was hired, then Frerard would cease to exist. Gerard doesn’t want that to happen.

“Whatever.” Mikey said and stormed out of the coffee shop.

“Hey, Gerard, what’s in your bag?” Frank asked once Mikey had left. Gerard glanced over to Ray, but he was too busy looking at pictures of Christa and his new baby. Ray wasn’t paying attention at all. He is a new father, so he didn’t have time for this stupid Mikey drama.

Gerard held up a plastic blue bag from Best Buy. It was solid blue, and double bagged so nobody could see inside of it. “I bought a new camera today.”

“A camera? Why?”

“Uhh- my old one broke and I wanted to take pictures of the kids. Ray has a child now.” Gerard said. He sipped on his drink some more because it was so delicious.

Later on that night, Gerard sat in his bedroom with his laptop. Lindsey and Alicia went out to the bar to cheer each other up… Lindsey really needed to calm down.

When he saw that the whole ‘rumor’ has escalated, he decided to tweet his feelings.

Aww… pickles.

“No offense, Gerard, but I hate your brother. He is a lying, cheating, sloppy, bastard. He can’t just do that to one of my best friends!” Lindsey shouted. It has been about three days later ever since the band went to Starbucks. Gerard could understand why his fire-breathing dragon of a wife hates his brother.

“I know, Lyn, I know.” Gerard said. “I’ll be in the shed.” Gerard grabbed his camera and laptop, then walked to their shed. He made sure the locks were closed tight. He didn’t want anybody to walk in on him.

Gerard shoved the cord that plugs into the camera to the computer. He uploaded all of his new pictures taken of Mikey and Alicia and Sarah.

Once all the pictures were saved on the computer, he began to photo shop them. He knows for a fact that Mikey would never cheat on Alicia, that’s why this is more scandalous. Gerard had spent over a hundred dollars on his new photo shopping program. That’s why this is working so well.

Once all of his pictures of Mikey and Sarah were completed, he logged on to his Twitter account. Or should he say Sarah’s twitter account.

Gerard smirked and sank back on the ground. The scandal is shipping itself.

“Perfect.” Gerard smirked even harder. Alicia and Mikey done: check.
Frank would never cheat on Jamia. Gerard knows that for a fact. Frank has no reason to cheat on his wife with three kids.

Frank would never cheat on Jamia with Gerard. Never.

My mother's name is Sarah. x_x
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