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The Bylar Effect

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A virus is lose. A man is traveling the country with his wife and kids. It's spreading like wildfire.

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"Sweetie, wake up."
She mumbled: leeme alone you bastard.
"Sweetie, you have to get up now!"
He grabbed her arm, shaking her. She stirred, but only slightly. She rolled back over and continued sleeping.
"Sweetie! Wake the fuck up!" and he shock her arm, hard.
"What, what is going on? And why are you still shaking me? I'm awake." He didn't stop shaking her; he looked freighted.
"Chris, stop! You are hurting me!" she yelled at him. That seemed to bring him back. He stopped, and slowly put his arms down back to his sides.
"I'm sorry, sweetie." He said that with some fear in his voice. Something happened, something bad. She was starting to be freighted too.
"It's ok. Now what is wrong? Did something happen at work?" said his beautiful wife, Amanda. He still wondered how he got such a hot wife. She was the one that asked him to dance at the bar; she was the one that made the first move.
"Something did happen, yes. Baby, we have to get out of here now. They will be here any minute." He walked over to the closet, throwing out all of the clothes onto the bed. He was packing up; we were going somewhere. Somewhere far away
"I need you to pack clothes, some food, and get the girls some toys. Where are they by the way?" He was going nuts, acting all hyper and jumping around. Amanda also noticed that every little sound made him jump, like there was something waiting for him.
"Michaela is in her bed room, writing, and Millie is sleeping. Now Chris, what the fuck is going on? I demand to know! Now!"
"Amanda, sweetheart, the seal broke at the lab."
"The locking-mechanism for the core broke today. They did an experiment in section B, maximum classification area. I do not know what they were doing but the lock-down code was for contaminate and ventilation error. Something went wrong in there, Amanda, and I think it had something to do with a virus."

"Oh my god! What kind of virus?"
"I don't know, but it was something bad. The entire system went into Code Black, the highest level of contaminate. I think there was a problem with the lockdown.
"What kind of problem, sweetie?" every word Chris said made her more and more sick to her stomach.
"The system is on a quad-cycle core. Everything is connected. The contaminate should have locked down the entire building, but it didn't. By the time I looked up, the system was in Code Black for 6 and half minutes. That is enough for a contaminate breach. That virus should have entered the atmosphere."
"What would happen if it did?"
"I don't know."
"Oh my god." She said, tears starting to stream down her face.
He saw her crying, and walked over to her. Erik took her hand in his and said, "Amanda, the second I looked at the screen, the lockdown initiated. I ran for my life to the level lift. I barely made it in time. Sweetie, if I was a second later," he stared into her eyes, seeing tears falling," I would been dead."
"Sweetie..." she said, hugging him.
"Amanda, I love you."
"I love you too, Chris. So very much.

"Michaela, you awake?"
"I'm in here, dad."
Michaela was 15, just turned 15 in July. Girls that age wants to go out, have fun with friends, and of course, go on dates. Michaela wasn't really like that. She would rather stay home, write and listen to music, and play her guitar. Music was her thing. She loved it more then anything.
She did yell at him many times for not wanting to live in this town. She said that there was nothing to do, that this place was boring as fuck, and that the air smelled funny. In a way, it kind of did.
She just didn't know what really happened in this town. She didn't know what her daddy's job really was.
"Sweetie, how's it going?"
"Ok, I guess. Nicole called a little bit ago; her boyfriend just broke up with her. I have been helping her through it. She tried to kill herself, dad. I told her don't, too many people will miss you."
"That's great, sweetie. I'm proud of you for helping her. I have always been proud of you. Remember that, hun.
"I know, dad. Thanks" She said, a big smile stretching across her face.
"Now, sweetie, how have you been?"
"I'm ok. I haven't really left this room today, only to go eat and pee. I didn't really feel like doing anything today. Just write.
"How's that going?" Chris hadn't talked to his daughter in a long time. Lately, he was just been to busy with work and all, and he just didn't have the time. To make matters worse, the last time they talked they got into a fight.
"Good. Want to read it?"
"Sure, baby. That would be great."
"Promise not to laugh?" She said, her notebook hidden behind her back.
Laughs and says,"I promise." Little did she know that he had his fingers crossed behind his back.
"Hey!" she said, throwing a pillow at him.
"Ok, Ok. I promise I will not laugh.
"Good, now here you go." And she handed him the notebook.
The notebook was big, papers sticking out and it was torn in some places. It looked like a wreck, but it was her most prized possession.
"Michaela, have you ever showed anyone this before?" He said as he opened it up, skimming though the pages.
"No. You are the first."
"Thanks, sweetie. I feel special."
"You should!" she yelled back as she punched him in the arm.
Laughing he said, "Ouch!"
"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to."
"It's ok, sweetie. I love you. Nothing will ever come between us. And I'm sorry for the other day. I didn't mean that stuff I said. I'm just so stressed. I'm so sorry baby."
"It's ok, dad. I understand."
"Good, now show me this song." He said, looking at the notebook with a confused look on his face."
"My pleasure, daddy."

"Hun, did you get Millie?" said Chris at the bottom of the stairs, a suitcase in one hand and a cell phone in the other. He had a cell phone in his pocket already, but this phone was different. He custom-made it himself, using computer processors and Bluetooth technology. It was capable of many things, but most of the things it can do are a mystery, even to him.
"Yes, but please tell me where are we going?"
"We have to move east, now. The wind is blowing east to west, now is the time to leave." He looked at his watch. "Shit," he thought, "time flies when you're going to die." It had already been 21 minutes since he got home.
"Why does it matter which way the wind is blowing?" said Michaela, just now reaching the bottom of the stairs.
"The..." but that's all he could say before the sound of helicopters and sirens rang through the air.

"Get in the car now!" yelled Chris, screaming at his family to get in the car, a 2007 BMW Vanquish SW. This car wasn't even out yet, and yet he had it. It was one of the benefits for working with a Biotech agency that made most of the world's chemicals and biological weapons. Nobody knew about, but then again everyone did. Get it?
"What are we running from? Who is after us? What the hell is happening?" She was starting to notice something was definitely wrong with him now. There were helicopters flying around the city, sirens were going off everywhere, and nobody else was on the street. How can that be?
"Shut the fuck up and get in the car! Now!" He pushed the button on his car remote, the trunk opening up. Chris threw the suitcase in, and started to the garage.
Mom, what is happening?" said Michaela, now seated in the back seat and was now trying to buckle up Millie.
"I don't know, sweetie. Something's wrong."
"Why are we leaving? Are the helicopters after us?"
"I don't know!" she yelled back. Tears started to run down her face again. Whatever happened, they were coming after us and Chris was scared. He was scared for his life.
Chris went back to the garage, searching for something. Looking around the room, he found a tiny NOS valve that his cousin gave him for his birthday. He was just that weird.
Taking it out of the tool chest, he walked over to the light switch. He turned the light sensitivity dial all the way down, and then there was a soft click. The click seemed to come from below the ground.
Chris took the valve in hand, grabbed the end of it, and pushed in. On the wall across from him, a small opening opened up, revealing a secret safe.
"Oh my god!" said Amanda, who was watching the whole scene from inside the car. He is hiding something.

Chris stepped into the car, another suitcase in his hand.
"Chris, what's going on?"
"Sweetie, I will tell you everything. Let's just get out of here first, ok?"
"Chris, I'm scared."
"Me too, sweetie. Me too."
He leaned over and gave her a quick kiss. After pulling himself together, he pushed his finger against the crystal display on the console. The fingerprint scanner scanned his finger, looking for the marks of a Mr. Chris Beckham. The onboard computer found the patterns, and started the car.
"Dad, what's going to happen now?" said Michaela from the backseat. The entire time they have been in the car, Michaela never left Millie's side, which was in fact asleep.
"We will find out in just a bit, sweetheart. We just have to wait and see."
We can to this, we can get out of here, he thought. However, it had already been 34 minutes since the lockdown; they have a small chance of even making it out of town.
He didn't even quite know what he was running from.
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