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You gotta be shitting me

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I've tried to stay neutral, out of this, BUT MY FUCKING GOD;
I'm not here to go on about the newest drama within our fanbase, but really...Everyone should drop it, nobody except the ones involved know all the details; therefore none of us should get an opinion.
Got it? Now don't spazz out about me being a "Shallow minded fucking bitch" or shit like that, because guess what?
This is the real me (I'm not a bitch, I just don't sugarcoat my opinion), I am past being nice about stuff.

So here it is,
People on ficwad...NEED TO GROW THE FUCK UP.
It was said before, many times before.
Amazing amount of times before, it suprises me...But it's true, I'm not saying everyone is a troll, nor am I saying everyone acts like an ignorant prick.
No, don't even accuse me of implying it.
It's just that, it seems kind of inconsiderate that people here, post every little problem they have (I know, I know; I have no right to talk but still). Your problems that stress you out, also stress out the people who care about you; those who have an account or not.
Some don't need the extra stress; you guys could have it worse, but really I have exams, and shit totally hit the fan with my family and I really can't handle more fucking stress here.

That was rant-like, wow...but really; Can you blame me? A lot of people on here cause shittons of drama; by spreading/stating their opinions on the newest fanbase drama to starting fights with others.
It's fucking stupid; whatever happened to the ficwad I liked? The ficwad where people cared, didn't hate on you for posting your hard worked on lyrics/poems/anything that involves writing and using effort in the MCR category.
Whatever happened to ficwad? Cause this seems a bit like facebook, minus the pictures and shit.

I'm not leaving, I wouldn't be suprised if I was the person who everyone talks about (I'm not going to name anyone but I hate it when people..blah blah blah)

Really though? Can we all grow up, and act mature while we're on here? For the love of anything!
Cause this will seem bitchy and like I'm a total ignorant asshole but I'm not that suprised why people are leaving, dropping like flies.
Sorry but I had to say it (my new years thing, actually state my opinion rather that sit there and take it)
Hate on me all you want, I am so far past giving a fuck it's hilarious.

(Before you get pissed about my "spamming" the MCR category..HERES YOUR MCR STUFF)

Mikey walked up the 3 stairs that led to the tour bus, where the five boys where residing for the remainder of the tour.

"NO NO FUCK!" A loud scream came from the back, Frank jumping back suprised and slightly scared.

"DAMMIT GERARD STOP! YOU KEEP MISSING! Fucker, that fucking hurt!" Another scream came, this voice belonging to band mate, Frank.

"Ewww." Mikey shivered, mind bringing up dirty images of his brother and best friend, having some "alone time".

"FRANK I'M TRYING! It would be easier if you stopped moving so much." Mikey cautiously took a step forward, face turned into an expression of total digust.

"GEE NO! WAIT YES..RIGHT THERE OH YES KEEP DOING THAT!" Mikey almost turned around, and ran away screaming until the door flew open.

Squealing and covering his eyes, Mikey hoped like hell he wasn't interupting anything that would scar him forever.

"Mikes? Would you like to join?" Gerard asked, standing over his brother.

"EW NO! I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND DUDE!" This causing the two boys to burst out laughing.

"What?! We're playing Kinect..Hole in the Wall to be exact; what where you thinking?" Gerard asked, through fits of laughter.

"Probably read one to many Ferards." Frank nodded, sitting on the couch, panting from the amount of excersize he had gotten from the game.

"Uh no, what's a fanfiction? GOTTA GO NOW BYE!" Mikey ran out off the bus, pulling out his phone and began writing his latest one-shot.

They will never know...Never know
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