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1- Speed Dating

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I can’t believe I’m doing this. I can’t believe I’m doing this. Jennifer Flores checked her reflection in her rearview mirror, which did nothing to help her. She just found herself feeling a little more nervous. “What were you thinking Jake?” She muttered out loud, thinking of the conversation she’d had with her older brother Jake, just a week before.

He talked her in to speed dating, of all things!

It was supposed to help her ‘get out there’, as he said. Well, it was better than online dating. Jennifer shook her head, attempting to shake away all of her wayward thoughts. They weren’t helping matters.

As she glanced up at the neon flashing sign of the meet up location, which happened to be a bowling alley, she felt her excitement growing. All least I’m getting out there, and trying! She hadn’t wanted to come, but now that she was actually out and about she felt lighter… happier. She wanted to try, she really did. She just found herself stuck doing other things, unrelated to her.

Which is why Jake had suggested online dating.

And why she’d agreed.

Jennifer pushed the door open, staring at her converse sneakers as she took small steps inside. It smelled stale, and a lot like sweaty feet. Still, it beat the smell of alcohol and the idea of a drunken one night stand- not that she was even old enough to drink… or wanted to.

That’s just how everyone else seemed to do it.

She forced her eyes up, forced herself to look all around. The place was alive with activity, and excited voices. But where was the group she was supposed to meet? She looked around for a sign, finding it quickly enough.

It’s show time. The smile came easily enough, and it wasn’t too hard to step towards the group. It was the uneasy ball of stress in her stomach weighing her down that made this all so hard, and that was something that wouldn’t go away.


So, this is short. The next update will be in Spencer’s POV… or that is how I have it planned out anyway. I’m tired, and still sick… and now I’m sucked in to all of this MCR Mikey drama, with him cheating on his wife. I really did google stuff, and got my daily dose of celeb drama which is weird because I don’t ever read up on celebrity shit. It makes it too hard for me to write about the actual celebs, cause then I just feel awkward. Aside from that I’ve been reading through my old writing and cringing. Gosh. I hope I’m still not that terrible. My spelling wasn’t that great. My grammar was worse. I got words wrong! Man. The delete button is my friend. Happy… January 28th! Yeah, that’s all I’ve got.
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