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My Monday.

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My Monday.

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Yes,I know I haven't updated today.
My mind has been eternally fucked by Mikey and Alicia's possible divorce.
Yeah,I wanna murder that Sarah bitch,she called Alicia "His bitter ex".
And has pretty much been posting pics of her and Mikey with the caption "Happiness".
Heartless motherfucker.

Okay,so here's how my school day has gone.

Lesson 1:French.

We did Future tense and revision for our test.
Who even has french tests anymore?!

Lesson 2:Science.

My teacher didn't say The Universe.
God fucking damn.
But we were going over different types of energy and here's how it all went down.

Teach:What different types of energy are there?

(I raise my hand)


Me:Chemical energy,which is found in oil and petrol.

Teach:And what's our chemical energy?

Me:(in thought) My Chemical Romance.

I actually say food,which is correct.
But My Chem are my chemical energy okay?!

Break time.
I listened to MCR on shuffle today,and a few bitches came and sat by me and tried to talk to me.
When I had my headphones in for fuck sake.
Here's how it went down.
PS-I will refer to the girls as 'sluts' because they are,in my opinion.

(Sluts sit next to me)
Slut 1:Hi.
Gerard's voice:Get the fuck up and walk away.
Me:(in thought)I can't they'll follow me.
(Sluts leave because I didn't talk to them..)

Heh heh.

Lesson 3:History.

Same as what we did last week,nothing knew.


Sat alone again,then met up with my friends Ella and Sophie in the game room.
Ella likes Fearless Vampire Killers and is going to the Kerrang! Tour to see them live.

Lesson 4:English.

More Macbeth work.
We wrote the murder scene cuz Shakespere was a fucking lazy fat-ass back then.
I added poison in my one,not a dagger.
Although,in my scene,Macbeth stabbed King Duncan repeatedly after he poisoned him.
I also included a Jeff The Killer line.

Go to sleep...

Ha Ha.

Final lesson was maths.
It went alright,I guess.

Tommorrow in Food I'm making Marble Cake.

Okay,I'll try and update my love story sequel tommorrow or Wednesday.

(P.S-It's AmazingPhil's B-Day Wednesday,OMG.)

xoxo Sadie

(P.P.S-Nobody's used my helpline yet.. :( )
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