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I Need Songs

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I wanna check out some new bands, but don't have any clue on how to start....

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By the way, everytime I post something like this in the MCR category, it's going to include MCR in the end...

Buuut, I've been wanting to extend my music taste (what else is new?) and I wanna check out bands like,
Suicide Silence
Never Shout Never
Asking Alexandria
Memphis May Fire
Falling In Reverse
Of Mice & Men
Foo Fighters
Escape the Fate

Stuff like that...


Watching as everyone began to flip out, stress out and become growly; due to the stress of tour, Bob just sat on the couch.
Petting his cat.
Tweeting random fans, and trolling his band mates.

HEY FRANKIE!! I gotta puppy for you
-insert picture of cat-

Mikey, all you need is jesus

Gee, Imma take your sass. and you'll never know

At this point, he was out of ideas and everyone thought he was on crack, until he got an idea.

"C'mere fluffball." Picking the cat up, and slowly lowering it into a suitcase, Bob didn't smile. He was losing one of his cats, this causing the drummer to walk off, crawl into the closet and into the snow.

"Hey guys, I broke it off with the cat." Bob sighed, the only way that the residents of Narnia would keep his secret was if he got rid of Fluffball

"Good job Bob....he would've wrecked what we have. Everything we built up." A penguin flailed, as it spoke.


Gerard, Frank, Mikey and Ray stood and stared as Bob began a conversation with the wall of the closet.

"Uh Bob, why are you talking to a wall?" Ray broke the silence, only to cause the drummer to jump.

(random and sucks ass...sorry bout that)
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