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Just sleep

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sorry for grammar and there is two Latin words in there :) anyway i hope you enjoy

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*“Man this rain is coming down hard maybe you should pull over” said Lindsey way
”No I can see just fine” said Gerard way wiping his hand over the windscreen “wait a second what is th----- SCREECH..*

” Oh what happen?” said Gerard getting up from the wreck of the car
”Lindsey are you o…Lindsey. Lindsey where are you” said Gerard in a panic looking in the empty wreck for his wife.

”Gerard I’m right here,” said what sounded like Lindsey’s voice

Gerard span around to see this wife standing there. But his wife looked different. She looked Dead.

”Are you okay Lindsey?” asked Gerard slowing reaching out to touch Lindsey.

”Gerard, Help Help!!”

”arrrrrr” Gerard fall to the ground and covered his ears as the screams of his wife. Got louder and louder. Then they stop.

Gerard looked up to find a skeleton where his wife was just a second ago.
Gerard slowly started to approach the skull. Gerard bend down in front of it and just as he went to touch it. The skull screamed “remaneo Absentis!!”

Gerard startled started to run away. He didn’t stop until he reached an old school.
The school looked like it hadn’t been used in ages, it was covered in moist, the windows had been boarded up and there was a sign on the door written in blood “Warning: enter a ones own risk”

Gerard had no choice but to go in he didn’t want to have anything else that lurk outside to try get him. He slowly open the door and stepped inside. It was dark but light enough to see with out a touch.

”Hello is anyone here??” Gerard called out as he walked down the hallway.

But no one answered. He kept walking until he found a girl just sitting on the ground facing the wall.

”Um little girl are you okay?” asked Gerard approaching the girl

”Haha they are coming for you haha and they are going to kill you haha” said the little girl running off into the next room.

Gerard ran after the girl but when he approached the room it was empty nothing but a rocking chair rocking back and forth.
“Man this place gives me the creeps maybe I should get out of here” Said Gerard turning around to leave. But when he turned around he saw his wife again

”Lindsey what are you doing here? We need to leave”

”What? Leave why I thought you wanted to find me Gerard”

”wait what??”

”Gerard help me, help me” with that Lindsey faded again.

”What is happening, oh god what if Lindsey is actually here I cant just leave her I got to find her” Said Gerard as he walked into the room with the rocking chair.

As Gerard got closer to the chair he saw a note on the chair.
”Huh what’s this” said Gerard as he picked the note up.
”Don’t look behind you, what why would there be anything behin------ARRRRRR” Gerard span around to see a old lady who looked dead just standing there with a lifeless look on her face.

”Where did you come from?” asked Gerard not moving from his spot

”Gerard you have returned to me” said the Lady starting to smile

”Wait what. Wait is that you grandma”

”Yes Gerard, come to me, come to me” said the lady as she began to approach Gerard

Gerard didn’t move but watched ad the lady approached him

”Hug me Gerard” said the old lady reaching out to hug Gerard
but just at that moment she started to melt.

”Grandma!” yelled Gerard as he rushed over to the Lady

” You fool I’m not your Grandma, I’m here to get rid of you, you are un wanted!” Bellowed the lady as she melted into the ground. When the lady was gone Sirens started to ring out though the school..

” oh god What now”

”its time” said a voice

”who said that?” asked Gerard looking around the room

”Its time” the voice said again

”time for what?” asked Gerard still trying to find a figure

”time. For. You. To. DIE!!!!!” and with that the room started to drip blood.
Gerard fell to the floor. shut his eyes and began to rock back and forth.
After about 10 minutes Gerard open this eyes. The room was back to normal. Everything was quite. Gerard got up and looked around it was just him by himself.

”I must have been dreaming,” said Gerard walking around to find the exit.

”No Gerard you were not dreaming” said a gentle voice

”whose there?” asked Gerard looking around

”Just me Gerard. What do you not remember your own wife” said the voice again


”yes my love, and you were not dreaming, you were in the witching hour.”

”Witching hour?”

“ Yes when all the nightmares come out to play”

”well how do I make it stop?”

” you don’t, and if you don’t hurry you will be stuck in this nightmare world forever, and you will not get to see your baby girl or your friends or even me ever again”

” well what do I have to do?”

”I can’t tell you but I can give you a clue, the mirror holds the key to the light we most love”

” what do you mean by that”

”I cant tell you my love but please hurry now I must go”

”no don’t go”. With that Gerard began to cry

”what the hell am I suppose to do and what the hell does the mirror holds the key to the light we most love mean”. After 5 minutes of crying Gerard got up and began to look around.
“The mirror holds the key to the light we most love. Hmm”

”wait what’s this” said Gerard as he picked up a mirror covered in blood.

”Maybe this is what she was talking about” said Gerard as he flapped the mirror over. On the back was a picture of a family. The picture must have been taken at least late 1800’s. There were three kids in the photo and the parents. But one of the kids looked funny. Like she wasn’t human. Like she was some sort of angel I guess is how you would put it.

”The kid is the key” Gerard said quite loudly
”but how do I find this kid,” asked himself. Gerard took the photo, put it in his pocket and began looking in all the rooms. 4 hours later Gerard found a girl in a room by herself. Just sitting there staring blindly at the wall like it was trying to speak to her. “Um little girl can you help me?” asked Gerard trying to get her to look his way

”remaneo Absentis!!” shouted the girl without moving


” remaneo Absentis!!” she shouted again but this time charged at Gerard. Gerard tried to me but couldn’t all he could do was watch. But the girl disappeared right before she was going to hit Gerard. Gerard tried to move again and it worked but he was still a little shocked at what just happen.

Only a few seconds later Gerard felt a burning sensation in his pocket where he had put the photo.

”What the” Gerard said as he grab the photo from his pocket.

”What the hell” Gerard said. The photo had just made one of the kids from the photo disappear.

”Gerard” said the calming voice again


”Yes my love, you have just in counted one of the three children, sadly the wrong one. Gerard be careful for the next one you see may actually kill you”

”well how do I defend myself?”

”With your mind”

“ Gerard your mind is a very powerful source, your mind can be a deadly weapon if you can use it properly”

”but how do I know if I’m using it right”

” well sadly if you the only way you know is if you die or live. If you live then you have successfully used your mind and if you die then well you just didn’t think hard enough or believe for that fact. I have to go now but good luck”

”um thanks I guess” with that Gerard started to look through rooms again. 2 hours had pass and Gerard had finely spotted another girl.

”um little girl”

the girl just faced Gerard and before he knew it. He was up against a wall looking into the lifeless face of this girl.

”We told you to remaneo Absentis and you have ignored us and now you must die!” bellowed the girl

”what does remaneo Absentis mean” Gerard said trying to escape

”pathetic human. You should know the meaning of remaneo Absentis, but you just didn’t think and now you must die” with that the girl bit Gerard on the neck and left Gerard to die…

*”So doctor how is he?” asked Lindsey kneeling at the bed beside Gerard
”Sadly he died in his comma” said the doctor
”oh god why” Lindsey began to cry.
”I love you daddy” said Bandit holding the hand of her dead father.

hey thanks for reading and remaneo Absentis means to stay away in Latin but i dont know how correct that is because i got it off the net
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