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Dear_____ im sorry

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Dear___ im sorry

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Dear Friends im sorry.
sorry that i was never cheery enough.
that i didnt always speak.
so i was so terrible in giving help

Dear Older siblings im sorry.
sorry that i never told you how proud i was to have you guys.
that i never hugged you.

Dear twin im sorry.
sorry that i was always annoying.
that you never really wanted to know me and the fact you told me that made it worse.
that you will never be proud of me.

Dear teachers
sorry i cant get higher then a c-
that i never talked with the other students
that i was such a stupid kid

Dear bullies
sorry you felt the need to bully me
that i was so different and un wanted

Dear society
im sorry i was the trash you didnt want
that i was too different

Dear doctors
sorry that i was born with spina bifida
that i was such a pain in the butt

Dear parents
sorry im so different from you
that i nearly died on you
that i caused you so much stress
that you only feel the need to say i love you when your drunk
that you always complain and that you are so dis proud of me

Dear myself
sorry i always hated you
that i caused you so much pain
that i just cant do it anymore

Dear world im so sorry im a pain and just a piece of trash

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