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My first fic, written when I was 13!

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Gerards P.O.V

I was watching the trees sway back and forth in the wind when an a abrupt voice broke the silence, and began to talk. I turned to see that it was Nurse Saulding. She was a crude woman, middle aged and plain. She wore her hair up in a tight bun, held together by countless grips. It seemed to pull the skin on her face back as if she were in a wind tunnel, but a few creases around her lips and eyes still remained. I did not like her. It was not until I heard another, much quieter voice begin to talk that I snapped out of my silent judgement, and turned my attention the short man who had suddenly appeared beside her. He looked about 20 something, big eyes, pierced nose and lip, mid-length black hair with a fringe and a tattoo on his neck. If it weren't for his height and eyes, he might have looked intimidating.

Once again I tried to focus on what was being said, but by that time the short man had stopped mumbling and it was now Nurse Saulding's turn again. “Thank-you Frank, I'm sure you want to get know your room mate?” she questioned, gesturing for him to sit on the bed. It was more of a statement than a question. It's not like he had any choice in the matter, none of us did. His eyes turned to the freshly made bed, and he walked towards it. His lips stayed pursed and he merely nodded at her. Obeying her, he sat down and creased the smooth sheets. He looked down and frowned. There was an awkward silence shortly before Nurse Saulding announced that she was leaving the room.

As the the door closed, I saw Frank's eyes glance up to meet mine, when they did he quickly looked down again and started to chew at his lip piercing. He was the most interesting thing that had happened here for a long time. “Uh-h, so...” I said to break the silence. He looked up at me with expectant eyes. My eyes began to dart around the room, trying to think of something to say, then I saw a large suitcase and a guitar case standing in the corner of the room.“What kind of music do you like?” I questioned. I saw his eyes light up at this, he opened his mouth to speak, but no sound came out. He looked embarrassed and then annoyed. He lent over to the end of his bed and took off the clip on chart that Nurse Saulding had left there, he looked down at it reading it briefly, and the promptly handed it to me. It read:

~Belleville Mental Institution~

Patient's Name: Frank Anthony Iero Jr. Patient's D.O.B: 10/31/1981

I scanned down the page.

Medical History: Suffered numerous bouts of bronchitis and ear infections as a child, Mononucleosis, Two broken toes, and Four chipped teeth.

Current Medical Treatment: Counselling, Prozac and Sedative Type C for
Selective Mutism, Social Anxiety Disorder and Dysthymic Depression.

Notes: Vegetarian and Lactose Intolerant.

“Oh. Sorry...” I said sounding surprised, and handed him back the chart.
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