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Band Class Can Be Very Fun When You Try

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Basically me through out high school so prepare for funny moments, awkward flirting, and third wheels. My Chemical Romance will be in this too :)

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My self consciousness is a big factor in my life now. Especially since guys are a factor in life everyone had boyfriends in middle school and I remained single I didn't want to be that way I just was. I was scared of people judging me. I was the girl who read books, didn't care about her appearance, strived for good grades, went with her friends on their dates so their parents wouldn't suspect anything, and did boring things. Basically I was the third wheel, in everything.

Then at the end of eighth grade I was at my best friends house and her mother gave me advice that made me rethink everything. She told me that I was beautiful and she used to act just like me and that I shouldn't care what others think and become more comfortable with myself those weren't her exact words but you get the jist. I quit wearing clothes two sizes too big and wore some clothes that fit me, showering more than once a week, started wearing my hair up and doing my makeup right. Once I got rid of all that bulky stuff and quit being a stick in the mud I finally was a girl who felt comfortable in her own body.

---High School---

I go to a half home half school program and at the beginning of the year I spent all my time at home but my friend started taking me to her first period band class and that is where our story starts.

"But Penina I don't wanna go to school it's like seven in the morning and we have to walk there." I complained to my best friend Penina who was currently standing on my doorstep asking for me to go to school with her.

"But it'll be fun Mazy. The teachers really nice and there's a few cute boys in the class plus I got you a Rockstar." She said probably freezing her butt off on my front porch but hey so was I in my night short shorts and jack skellington tank top.

"Ooh a Rockstar."

"Yes Mazy just go get ready."

"Ok" Then I ran back inside letting her in then slamming the front door shut so I could open my bedroom door adjacent to the front one. You couldn't tell what color my door was it had so much stuff taped to it, my riddler cape, a borderlands poster, and various drawings. I ran into my room and started digging through my dresser for clothing. My room was shaped like a house you know the square with a triangle on top, in it I managed to cram a queen sized bed, a couch/chair, a desk covered in checkered duct tape, a rollie chair, bookshelf, a dresser, another set of shelves, my keyboard, and my many guitars. I pulled out a light blue doctor who tee shirt, white thermal for underneath it, my sky blue skinny jeans with rips on them, and my batman converse. Then proceeded to throw them all on, run to my bathroom, brush my teeth, pull my curly hair in a bun, straighten my bangs, do my makeup, put on deodorant, and put on a blue stretchy headband it didn't actually hold my hair up I just wore it across my forehead. Then I grabbed my green and white backpack with my school stuff in it and ran out the door leaving a note for my mom for when she got back from nursing school.

Penina and I started walking down the street ignoring the people walking their dogs wearing clothing like they were going to run a marathon, everything here is about perception. Some girls would wear designer clothing and then go back to their rinky dink apartment but it didn't matter because everyone else thought they were rich. We also avoided the douche bags who would purposely try and hit us with their cars; I think it's a game you learn about once you get a car try and hit teenagers. 10 points for nerds, 15 for goths, 20 for normal people, 30 for jocks, and (my personal favorite) the one Penina came up with, 5 for sluts because they go down easy; I personally don't know which category we go under but at the rate we dodge cars we have to have our own category. Then came the worst part of our walk the hill of doom, let's just say you don't wear a lot of makeup for a reason when you walk to school, sweat is not your friend.

After the hill of doom it's the home stretch. Your feet hurt, your sweating but somehow it's still freezing outside, your backpack feels like its double the weight you started with, and you still have a school day ahead of you. I was falling behind at this point,

"Penina go on without me. Save yourself." I cried dramatically collapsing on the side of the road, didn't I mention there are no sidewalks whatsoever here.

"Get up drama queen 50 more feet and then we get air conditioning." She replied trudging ahead, I groaned and got up to follow her the rest of the way to school.

Thank god for air conditioning, the ladies in the front office payed us no mind as we swiped our ID's to sign in. Penina had mastered the walk and swipe while I still had to fumble with my ID and take like five tries before it signed me in. We walked out of the office and turned left to head to the band room. Penina threw the band room door open and dramatically yelled

"I'm back" You could hear the collective groan from the other students, my friend Penina was a little eccentric and very loud.

She grabbed us both a chair, me being the short friend at 5ft8 and her being the tall one at 6ft, it was always her job to grab things off shelves. We sat in the front row me being in the far right, because at the time I didn't play an instrument' and Penina next to me, then Penina's other friend Kara. She said Kara and I were alike but I almost took insult to that, Kara was obnoxious, slutty, high pitched, and an all around annoying person. To be honest I think she meant we were alike because she was also allergic to shellfish but that was where the similarities ended.

"Hey Mazy. Look it's the hot guy, you two would make a cute couple. I personally find Frank hotter though." Penina said and pointed to the back. I turned around and saw a guy who was slouching in his chair with a pair of drum sticks and a snare drum in front of him. He was very thin that was the first thing I noticed about him, I was jealous of his waist, I also noticed he was wearing a beanie with the tiny brim thing, very white skin, blonde hair cut in a sort of swoopy way I can't think of a better term on anyone else it would of looked moronic but he pulled it off, black skinny jeans, and a thin pullover over a thermal pushed up to his elbows.

"He's not that hot I mean he's attractive but I don't know him so he could be a total douche." I shrugged and turned around when the teacher called our attention. Little did I know then that I would spend the majority of my time around him.

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