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Our Famous Last Words

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I miss you so very much.

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Our Famous Last Words

Heart breaking,
I wish I could've held your shaking hand.
I wish I could've kissed your wrinkly cheek,
Told you things were going to be fine.
Schoolwork distracted me,
Never knew how death would taste.
Not until that night.
Reaching out across the phone,
Voice breaking, heart shaking,
I've never stopped thinking about you.
Still your little angel,
Still your little girl.
I miss you so much.
What I would do to just be with you again.
Your voice,
It hurts that I can't remember it.
I want it to ring in my ears,
Beautifully grotesque and a piercing memory.
Bright blue eyes,
Intelligent till the end.
Hold me while I cry,
And tell me it'll be alright.
Your soft voice,
Kills me that I can't remember your touch.
If I could change this, I would,
I'd stay with you as you flew away from this world.
Famous last words, do you remember,
My famous last words, I'll never forget.
My famous last words, uttered over the telephone.
Famous last words.
"I love you."


I was crying as I wrote this. This is about my granddad, who died when I was little. I'll never forget the moment - we were watching Bambi. We got a phone call, and it was my uncle, telling us that Pop had died. I cried for 2 straight days, and have never been the same since. I've never watched Bambi since, either. I feel like I would break again and I don't want that to happen. So, here you go. A poem, written for a fallen grandfather, one that I miss so very much. Kenneth Willis, there is not one day that goes when I don't think about you. The last words I ever said to him were "I love you."

-Ash, who is crying.
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