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Stay Strong. Love, The Music.

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Listen to the melodic melancholy beat of my heart.

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Stay Strong. Love, the Music

Hold my hand,
I won't let you fall again.
Hold my hand,
I'll kiss it and smile at you.
Just hold my fucking hand,
I'm your guardian angel,
Looking out for you when you want to lose it all.

Don't slip away from me just yet,
I might seem like nothing but I'll be your everything.
Listen to the melodic melancholy beat of my heart.
Lay your head against my chest,
Stay strong. I love you.

Darling girl,
Stay strong. I love you.
Don't make yourself hurt for a reason so petty.
Smile, it makes you look so damn pretty.
Just smile, smile, smile for me,
Stay strong,
Love, your music.


We always say music has saved our lives, and in my case, it certainly has. But what if our music could talk, and hold us, and tell us it's alright? This is what I imagine it would say. This poem goes out to anyone who's ever felt so pathetic and useless they've wanted to end their lives. You're beautiful. This world is lonely, but it would be so much more so if you weren't there. You're all beautiful, and I love you guys more than I love my family sometimes. Stay strong, love the music.

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