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Behind the Façade

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Bubblegum lies.

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Behind the Façade

Cracks in their smiling faces,
So invisible we can't see them.
We wear our tears on our sleeve,
They hide theirs behind shiny eyes and bubblegum lies.
They are so afraid,
So afraid of being judged for crying.
We, we are strong and defiant,
We will never let them tell us otherwise.
They set their standards so high,
We barely have any.
She wants a love like Romeo and Juliet,
All I want is a kiss and a cuddle and a few meaningful words.
They want a plastic world with perfect smiles,
All we want is to be able to feel.
Behind the façade of popularity and perfection is where we lie,
The misfits and the mentally insane.
The rebels and the cowards -
The true ones.


This is very much based off what Mia (xXchickenwithatacoXx) and I have been talking about - we see things so much more deeply than other people. They see what they want to: a shiny world where everything is perfect. We see the truth: a cold, hard, insecure place. Tonight, I'm driving myself insane with poetry, so expect pages and pages of this stuff. Funnily enough, most of it won't be depressing, it'll be kinda neutral. Woo for neutral!

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