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Gale learns a little about Cielo's sweet tooth.

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Gale had learned a great deal the tribe had left the Junkyard. He had learned that being honorable was complicated, he had learned the sting of a comrades betrayal. And he had learned Cielo had a sweet tooth.

He could not be sure who in this world had first given Cielo candy, but he wanted to throttle them. It was slightly maddening to watch as Cielo toyed with a lollipop. He would roll it from side to side with his tongue, then wrap his slim fingers around the thing white stick and pull the candy out with a pop. His tongue would then flick out giving it a few quick licks before pulling it back into his mouth with a small sigh of contentment. This same process had been repreated for nearly an hour, slowly wearing the lollipop down.

"Why do you not just eat it Cielo?"

Cielo blinked, pulling out the lollipop, "Eh? Fred tells me 'dat 'dese tings are rare nowadays, so it makes sense to savor dem." Smiling broadly he added, "Did you want a little taste Gale?"

Gale frowned, "Do not be foolish Cielo. Finish it and go check our perimeter"

Cielo shrugged, finally biting down and finishing the lollipop in a few seconds, then rose heading for the exit. He paused next to Gale as a sudden impulse came to him. Cielo leaned down in front of Gale, moving quickly to kiss him with his lollopo flavored lips. Taking advantage of Gale's surprise, Ciello slipped his tongue inside, tasting Gale deeply before pulling away.

Cielo smiled and licked his lips, ' See? Sweet t'ings should be eaten and tasted slowly. He then walked off, giving Gale a little wave "Later brudda." Leaving Gale to wonder how much of the sweet taste in his mouth was from Cielo's lollipop and how much was simply from Cielo.
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