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Just another statistic...

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A sad Frerard oneshot. Gerard can't face losing his Frankie, will he get to him in time?

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I heard a paramedic say the title to this when a kid near where I live killed himself and it broke my heart because to the outside world everybody is just a statistic but when you lose someone to you that person IS a person and not just a number, a percentage. It breaks my heart to think a person who lived, breathed and graced this fucked up planet with their presence can just be forgotten. Sorry for rambling please R&R and let me know what you thought of this because I really wanted to do it justice. Yeah..R&R please? xoxo

"They broke me Gerard...I...can't go on anymore....I'm done"

"Please Frankie, don't go yet....Please don't leave me..."

"I'm sorry..."

The line went dead, I ran from my room and out of my house into the darkness of my little suburban street. They can't take him away from me, not yet. I won't let them. My feet were being cut to pieces and my skin was stinging against the cold Jersey air as I hadn't put a shirt or shoes on but non of that mattered. I had to save him, I had to save my Frankie, my best friend. I had to save the boy who had stolen my heart.

They had done this, they never left him in peace. The constant taunts and beatings in school. His alcoholic father breaking him down with the poison he screamed into my Frankies face. I saw the effects it had on him, his sparkling olive eyes seemed dead now. Empty. He was so fragile but no-one treat him with care. He wasn't with me anymore but I still had that hope that I could bring him back, that the boy who pounced on my back in third grade and announced I was his new best friend, the boy who sat with me and held my hand keeping me strong during my grandmothers funeral, the boy who could make me laugh with just one look, would come back to me.

I won't let him leave me. Not now, not ever.

My chest ached as the cold air slapped against my skin and filled my lungs. I refuse to stop running, only two more blocks, two more blocks and I can save him. I clenched and unclenched my fists trying to stop my tears from falling. I wouldn't cry for him, not yet. I hadn't lost him, I knew it, I could feel it in my heart he was still with me.

I finally turned the corner into his street and launched myself to his front door. I couldn't give a shit what his father said. I had to save my Frankie. I slammed it open and called out, his father staggered in from the front room "What the fuck do you want?" I could tell by the slur in his voice he was drunk, he squared up to me looking me down. I quickly side stepped him and pushed him out the front door and slammed it shut, locking it. If he managed to get back in he would kill me but at that moment I didn't care. I had to get to Frankie.

I called out his name as I bolted up the stairs, I peeked my head around his door and saw nothing so began searching the other rooms. I couldn't see him, I walked to the top of the stairs gripping my hair in frustration when I heard it. Water running.

I followed the sound, heart beating fast and hands trembling as it led me to Frankie's bathroom. Shaking I opened the door, the sound of his fathers yells and banging driven out of my mind as he lay there in the bathtub wrists torn open, one hand still holding the kitchen knife. Before I had time to think I was picking his tiny frame from the bathtub and carrying him into his bedroom. He was still concious, just barely. I snatched his phone from the nightstand and called an ambulance. I couldn't lose him. He was my reason for everything.

"Gerard..." It was hardly a whisper but I heard it. I always heard him "I'm sorry I didn't keep my promise..."

The promise. I remember the day we made it so clearly, I was depressed after my grandmothers death and Frank had come in just as I was about to swallow a handful of sleeping pills. He stopped me and we made a promise to each other. He would live for me and I would live for him. He hadn't broken it...not yet.

"Its okay Frankie, you'll be okay..."

"Sing to me Gerard...I'm scared..." I brushed the tears that had begun falling freely and gently wrapped his wrists.

"We could leave this world, leave it all behind
We could steal this car if your folks don't mind
We could live forever if you got the time

You're the only friend that makes me cry
You're a heart attack in black hairdye
So just save yourself and I'll hold them back tonight"

"Thank you..."

I held onto him as if both our lives depended on it. I could hear his breathing slowing "I..had a dream once, that you and I...we lived together..married with was beautiful...I wish we could have made it real..."

"We can..." I kissed his lips and brushed his hair from his fading eyes "..One day we can"

He looked up at me and smiled before letting his eyes slip shut "I always loved you..."

"I always will..." I whispered into his ear. Then I noticed his breathing slowed to a halt, he was gone and I couldn't save him "No...NO!..Frankie you bastard don't leave me. I love you...dammit we could have been happy..." I collapsed sobbing onto his cold pale chest "...I loved you..."

About ten minutes later the paramedics burst in and found me sat on the floor still cradling him in my arms sobbing. It didn't matter I knew as well as they did there was nothing they could do now. I lifted my head as I heard one paramedic whisper to another "Poor kid, just another statistic now..." and lost my temper. I unwrapped myself from Frankie's lifeless frame


The paramedic looked stunned for a moment then hung his head, I took a deep breath and collapsed beside Frankie's corpse "Not just another statistic..." I took hold of the knife Frankie still held in his cold, dead fingers "...I'm sorry for breaking the promise baby" I leaned down, kissed his pale blue lips and grabbed his hand.

I kept my back to the paramedics by the door "You're gonna need a second coroners van..." before they had time to react I closed my eyes and forced the cold steel through my throat. I felt myself slipping away and fear overcame me. I fell forward and held onto Frank's hand... My vision and hearing distorted.

The last thing I saw was Frankies face beside mine.

Oh yeah also you may have noticed a small change to the lyrics in this, that was purely for effect and yeah...I cried writing this because you know I'm just super lame :(...
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