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Imagine living like a king someday...

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No-one knows what I am gonna do.. No-one is gonna stop me. (Basically,I get suicidal and Gerard saves me..)

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A/N:Really sad fic with me and Gerard.
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xo Sadie.

I look at my reflection in the mirror and laugh as I slice again into my skin.
All the things that had been said to me,all those names.

"Emo! Omg!So emo! Go,die Emo!"

I'd be fufilling their wants,their wishes.
I've already written the note,for my mum to see when she returns from work.

Dear mother,
This,is my last goodbye.
I've had enough of the constant comments.
I'll be fufilling everyone's,even your,wish.
Never forget that I still love you.

xo Your daughter,Sadie.

I re-sang that song again.
My favourite song,by my favourite band.
My Chemical Romance.

So I won't stop dying.
Won't stop lying.
If you want,I'll keep on crying.
Did you get what you deserve?
Is this what you always want me for?

I sliced deep into my vein and fell onto the floor of the bathroom.

I must've been dreaming.
I saw the same raven haired guy I fell for.
Gerard,he was here.

"It'll be okay,Sadie.Stay here!"He told me.
My breathing quickened,I could feel the darkness taking over.
"Gerard,I can't.I can't."I scream.
"Then try!"

It was too late,I was already dead.


I sat up and screamed at the dream.
My heart kept beating faster and faster,my breathing quicker,faster.
I looked around my room,plastered with posters of bands who I loved so dearly.
In the middle,My Chemical Romance.
My phone then vibrated.
I looked at the text,it was from Gerard.

I'm glad you're still here.

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