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Time For Jay's Installment of "My story"

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Have you ever noticed how the song "Bah Bah BLACK sheep" Sound absolutley racist?

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Honestly, I have nothing really to put about my life;
-I've never suffered depression
-I've cut once, and can't do it again (it hurt way to fucking much)
-I don't have a story about how I got through really anything...

Why not post it though? Because I'm rarely on and almost never post anything.

So hi, I'm Jay (You will never figure out what the A and the J in my name stand for...NEVER).
I have 2 older sibilings (My brother Trent and sister Danny), a younger half-sister (Katayla) and a pair of younger twin sibilings (brother Jayson, sister Tiffany).
My parent's split up twice, once when I was 2, and again just recently in December (great way to spend christmas huh? Mom walking out on you guys..)

That's the main thing that affected my life;
I can't remember it that well when I was 2, except running into my brother's room flipping out because their fighting, and staying the night in there.
I just figured out they were fighting over my mom cheating on my dad with some dude.

I lived with my dad, because my mom didn't want anything to do with us (except Danny, she absolutley loved her).
We ended up moving when they split (my mom got our old house, so we moved out onto a farm). This wasn't as a bad thing, because I met my best friend from this...
-To the friend who got chased around by a chicken-
Remember the chicken? That little motherfucker who had a thing for you?

This is how it was until I was about 5 or 6, living with two guys, acting like a total tomboy. Around my 7th birthday, my dad got this chick to live with us, this chick being his "amazing, perfect new girlfriend" that he claimed that they where "going to be together FOREVER". At least that's what they said.

They barely lasted a 3 years; they had Kat and suddenly they hated each other; so they broke up.

What seems to always happen in my life; two people fall in love, it's perfect for a bit, then they break up.
It's what makes the world go around and what makes the sun shine.

After they broke up, we just shrugged it off like it was nothing, we went back to living like we always did (except we had a new little baby, which sucked).
I'm pretty sure this is why I am so close to my brother; because my dad put all of his attention on taking care of Kat and all that, Trent was the one who pretty much took care of me.
Do I know why, of course not. Do I care, not really.

That was the way it worked until I was 11, Trent began his own life, getting a job and whatever, Kat was the annoying brat she always is, and my dad had found a great new hobby.
He drinks, a lot; but who am I to complain? He isn't at all abusive, he doesn't waste our money to go out and drink. He kept up with his job.
It suprised me that someone could drink that much and still give his kids a good life.

A year went by, he was still drinking hard-core when he could; but guess who came by to help him "clean up his act".

No, not the easter bunny, or motherfucking Mike Shinoda.
It was my mom, the woman who used him, took half his money and left him.
I'm not saying she's a bad person, because it was cool that she would come back to help (even though it was probably because her fiance left her), but she helped him out of the drinking (to a point, he still drinks like nobody's buisness I'm pretty sure).

But they moved everything really fucking fast, in under a year they got re-married; and had more kids.
Their whole little marrige lasted until my 15th birthday; out of all the days they could've fought and decided on a divorce, it had to be the day when I got to be happy.
Yeah, it sucked; they screamed, fought and my mom once again walked out.

This hit hard; the fact that I was pushed into dealing with it myself (Danny of course ended up running off to her boyfriend's house).
This is how I found out I can never self-harm (I am a wuss when it comes to pain, so one time made me swear off people can do that makes no sense to me).
I locked myself in the basement for a full week (my room was down there, so it worked perfectly), only coming upstairs for food/drink; that full week I blasted.

Stay Together for the Kids by Blink 182
Someone, Somewhere by Asking Alexandria

It sucked hard (that sounded so sexual, omg), especially since my bitch of a sister walked down and began screaming about "how I fucked everything up" and how "I'm an emo fucking freak"
I didn't get I sat there for nearly an hour trying to figure out how out of EVERYTHING she chose that to describe me.
Yeah, I'm not smart....

I don't know how long it was until I just plain out said "fuck this" and moved in with Trent (he's...20?).
That's my life...

Oh yeah,
the "Bah bah BLACK sheep song" does sound really racist right? Why can't the sheep be white? Or native, or anything like just had to be black huh?
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