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Hi c:

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Here are the results!

Gerard's girlfriend/Frank's little sister: Rosalita Marie Iero or Hostile_Halo

Frank's wife: Mia Iero (Is it okay if I change your career?) or xXchickenwithatacoXx

Sargent: David Davis (DUDE YOUR DESCRIPTION WAS PERFECT!)or LaurenTheHuman

Cop#1: Gregory Adams or LaurentheHuman

Partners: Charlotte Heidecker or farfromhere and Penina Dayne or FrankIsMySexGod(DO YOU MIND, PENINA?)

Frank's Daughter: Sadie Iero or MCR-99 (DO YOU MIND?)

Gerard's Daughter: Hozzie Way or Hozzie

Store clerk: Shane Upton or LaurenTheHuman

Bad guys:
Haylie Good and Matthew Cook (HatedEyes) Ash, the gang members are gonna have to speak ghetto. I don't wanna mess up your OC's. Is it okay if they speak ghetto?

Elizabeth Grace Diamond (Obsessive-Fangirl)

Apollonia Corleone (ilovefrankieieroxx)

Older Brother of Frank's Wife: Jeremy Adisow (LaurentheHuman)

Guys, I hope you are happy! :D I tried my best to assign roles for all. I'll get to writing soon! Oh, and It's basically End Of Watch, except I changed things.
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