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does da biggest yawn in da history of yawns

Yes,I'm speaking all ghetto,you gotta problem with dat?

I'm tired.
I'm bored.
I'm Bired and Tored.

(Bired: Tired and Bored mash-up.
Tored:Bored and Tired mash-up.
Learn ya mash-up people!)

Me thinks I shall watch a movie.

My choises are:

-S.W.A.T (action film)

-Bowfinger (comedy)

-National Treasure 2:Book of Secrets (Fantasy/Adventure)

-Tropic Thunder (yet another comedy)

-Zoolander (comedy)

-Mamma Mia (musical type thang)

-The Lake House (romance)

-Peter Pan (fantasy)

-Peter Jackson and the lightning theif (fantasy)

-The Sorcerer's Aprentise (fantasy)

-The Incredibles (animated disney/pixar)

-another animated disney/pixar

-Space Dogs (animation)

-The boy in striped pyjamas (war film)

-Aquamarine (rom-com)

-Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (comedy)

-The Simpsons (really? I have to catagorise the simpsons? no,I don't)

and the list goes onn.....

Or I could watch Life On The Murder Scene again.

No,I don't feel like bursting into a million tears tonight.

I'm watching Simpsons.

Anyone care to join meh?

Gee:(raises hand slowly)

Okay,Gee,you lay with me.

Frankie:Umm...can I join?

Yes,you can Frankie.You lay the other side of me.

Frankie:Okay! (grabs popcorn and gets into bed,along with Gee)

Mikey and Ray:What about us?!

Mikey and Ray,end of my bed.

Mikey and Ray:Ugh.

You lot:Umm...Hello?! Forgeting somebody?

Oh,and you guys squezze yourself in somewhere.

Gee:You gonna put the movie on or what?

Gimme a minute will ya?
Don't make me go all ghetto on yo ass!


Okay,I shall see yo in da mornin'.

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