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Auditions For My First Story

by GoldenSkies 6 reviews

Yeah, auditions! Yay!

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Hi guys! I'm new here! Psh, no I'm not. This account's just been inactive for so long, I might as well be.

Warning ahead of time, I'm VERY random.

Also, I may say some weird things, but I'm from New Zealand, so gimme a break! It's also for that reason I may spell some things differently.

So, if I haven't scared you off (I hope I haven't), please be my friend! :D

Now, onwards!

I have started thinking of a fanfic idea. Well, actually, I thought of this when I first made this account, but I WILL do it this time. It's going to be called "The Bodyguard And The President's Daughter". It tells the story of the president's daughter and her new bodyguard (one of the Panic! guys). It's AU, so it's not the current president's daughter, rather a made-up president...or Panic!, for that matter.

So, let's get an audition or two, please?

Name (full please!):
Age (15-18):
Anything else you wanna add:

Thank you!

Also, if there's any fanfics you recommend, by you or someone else, please tell me!

xoxo Gel
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