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Want a one-shot?

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I'm willing to write one-shots for you guys. Auditions below.

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Okay,so I don't really have many fics to do,and I get bored quite easily.
So,here's a little idea.

I will write a one-shot for you,if you want one.

It can be one of the following catagorys.


-My Chem.

-Fall Out Boy.

-Black Veil Brides.

or any other catagory in any other thing.

Vital info needed.
Name of one-shot:
Any pairings?:

Your name:
Age (will do any age):
Anything else:

I want to begin these one-shots by tomorrow.
I'll keep them going for a bit.
All one-shots will be posted here,just in a seperate chapter.

Before I go..

If you want it based on a song by your fave band or the band you've chosen for your one shot,tell me so I can get up the lyrics (unless it's my chem,then I pretty much know lyrics to most of their songs..)

That's it,so audition!

xo Sadie

(gives you a virtual cookie)
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