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Romeo and Juliet's Sister

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One shot for Christy Gold. Hope you like it :3

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A/N:Okay.The first one shot from the auditions.I decided to do them as seperate storys,bc I can only have one catagory for each fic I write,and there's like a billion catagories to choose from for these one-shots.
Okay,Christy.Here is your one-shot.

xo Sadie

Romeo and Juliet's Sister.

All the family were sat in the dining hall,having breakfast.
Me,my sister,Valentine,her boyfriend,Gerard and my parents.
I was sat on my own at one end of the long table,whilst everyone else was sat at the other end.
I stirred the sludge in my bowl,gazing at Gerard.
He was so beautiful,it must've been illegal.
His crimson red hair.
Warm,hazel eyes.
Pale,almost snowy,skin.
"Hello? Christy?"Valentine snapped her fingers in front of my face,snapping me out of Gerard's mezmorising trance.
"Huh?"I respond,shaking away the last of my zone-out.
"Are you okay,you've been staring at Gerard for a long --"
"I'm fine."I shout,getting up and heading out the back door,towards the garage.

After a few hours,I roll my motorbike back into the garage.
I take off the dark red helmet and tuck my short,black hair behind my ears.

"Hi."Gerard's startling voice says behind me.
"Jesus Christ! You nearly gave me a heart attack!"I shriek as I turn around quickly.
"Sorry."He mumbles,and gets out his sketch-book and pencil,sitting on the grass and drawing.
"What'cha drawing there?"I smile,sitting next to him and looking at the canvas.
It was a picture of a girl,with jet black,short hair and curves.
"Nobody."Gerard responds quickly,folding the sketch-book to the front page and standing up.
"No,I want to know."I protest,standing up with him.
"Fine."He sighs."It was you,Christy.I was drawing you."
"Me?"I get a small squeak in my voice,then clear my throat."I were drawing me?"
"Yes.I don't know why,but I can't get you out of my mind."He says quietly,looking at the ground.
"I have that lasting effect on people.."I mumble jokingly.
We both then laugh,but Gerard then stops quickly.
"I mean it.I think you..?"
"You do?"I get that squeak in my voice again.
"Yes,I do.For ages.But,I just never had the chance to tell you because.."
"Because of Valentine."I answer,and Gerard nods.
"I understand if you don't--"
"Of course I love you back,Gerard.I feel the exact same way."I cut him off.
Gerard then leans in and kisses me softly,sweetly.
It must've been fate or something,like a spark connected us.
He pulled away,and smiled.
We then kiss again in the warm,summer's evening.

A/N:There ya go,Christy.D'ya like it?
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xo Sadie
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