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Trip To The Fair

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A cute little one-shot for Mia.

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A/N:One-shot number 2.For Mia.Hope ya like it gurl!

xo Sadie.

Trip To The Fair.

"Let's go,Daddy!"Mia,my 5 year old daughter,calls from the living room.
"I'm coming,Mia!"I call back,packing away the lunch I made for us into Mia's My Little Pony bag and slinging it over my shoulder.
I could hear Mia's singing as I walk down the hall.

"We're going to the fair! We're going to the fair!"She chants as we drive down the street to the giant fairground.
"We're here!"She smiled as I pulled up by the edge of the sidewalk.
"Yep."I smile back as I take her out of her car-seat and setting her on the ground.
I walk towards the boot of the car to get out the bag and Mia's safety lead,hearing the sound of Mia's play heels clip-clopping down the sidewalk into the fair.
"Mia,stay by Da..Mia?!"I call out as Mia is nowhere to be seen.
"Mia?!"I scream as I run into the fairground.

"Have you seen my daughter?!"I ask the ticket attendant frantically as my eyes dart around the grounds.
She could be anywhere in this place,I'll never find her!
"No,sir.I can call security to help you find her."The attendent says as she presses the security button,and two guards appear on the scene.
"What is it?"One of the huge,burly men ask.
"It's my daughter,she's ran off and I can't find her."I say,my voice shaking.
"Okay,we'll find her.What is her name and what does she look like?"
"Her name is Mia,she's 5 years old and has long,brown hair."I say.
"Okay,sir.Don't worry,we'll find her."The second security guard says before both guards run off to find Mia.

A few hours later,the guards return with a trembling Mia.
"Mia!"I gasp,running towards her and hugging her.
"I'm sorry,Daddy.."Mia sobs.
"Don't you ever run off again,okay?"I say,looking at her sternly.
"O-Okay."She cried.
I pull her towards me,hugging her again tightly."Let's go home.."I whisper and swoop Mia up in my arms and carry her to the car as she dozed off.

A/N:Aww...That was fucking adorable.
D'ya like it Mia?
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