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The Guitarist And The Pianist

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Jasmine's one-shot. Pairing:Frasmine!

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A/N:3rd one-shot for today.I will write four a day.
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The Guitarist and The Pianist.

I played the familiar notes of Cancer on the grand piano in the school's practice room.
I got lost in the slow,flowing melody of the song.
"Hey,pianist!"My best friend,Frank Iero,interupted,making me fall off the piano stool.
"God damn it,Frankie!"I shout."You know I don't like being snuck up on!"
"Sorry,Jas!"He says back,getting out his guitar.
"Yeah,you will be."I smile,getting off the floor and sitting back at the piano."What are you doing here?"
"Why do you care?"Frankie asked with a smile.
I felt myself blush,then corrected myself back to my usual state of mind.
"No reason."
"Fine,I wanted to play with you."
"Play? You mean as in --"
"No!"Frankie laughs."I mean't play songs with you,you sicko!"
I sarcastically laugh at him.
"What song then?"I ask,getting ready to play the piano.
"What was that song you were playing just then?"
"You mean Cancer?"I ask.
"Yeah,Cancer."Frankie says,putting the strap of his guitar over his shoulder."Let's play that."
"Yeah,okay."I say,and begin playing the chords of the song,singing along.

Turn away,if you could get me a drink of water.
Because my lips are chapped and faded.
Call my aunt Marie,help her gather all my things.
And bury me,in all my favourite colours.
My sisters and my brothers.
Still,I will not kiss you.
Because the hardest part of this is leaving you..

Frankie then came in on the guitar,slow and gently.

Turn away,because I'm awful just to see.
Because all my hair's abandoned all my body.
Oh,my agony.Knowing I will never marry.
Baby,I'm just soggy from the chemo,but counting down the days to go.
It just ain't living,and I just hope you know.

I began to sing the chorus,and the quiet voice of Frankie's singing came out as well.

That if you say,goodbye today.
I'd ask you to be true.
Because the hardest part of this is leaving you.
Because the hardest part of this is leaving you.

After the song,I look up at Frankie and sigh.
"I mean't what I sang.The hardest part of this is leaving you."I say and kiss him softly.
"Does this mean you -?"
"Yeah,Frankie.It means I love you."

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