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;_; Mia omg!

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Mia...omg... :')

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Omg Mia I can't believe this!

I just read my one-shot Mia (or xXchickenwithatacoXx) wrote for me.

Omfg,it was amazing.
No,seriously it was!

And,true as well.
Gerard did save my life,with the revenge era mostly.

Gee:I know,I saved you from that pier jump.

For the last time,I never jumped off a pier before,I just cut.

Gee:Whatever,baby.Same thing.

. . .

Okay so Mia.
For dat awesome work,I'll write YOU a one-shot,just like mine,but different saviour (Frank right? yep.),diferent suicide attempt and all dat.

Wow,I speak a lot of ghetto..


Your one-shot is on it's way!!

xo Sadie ox
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