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This Is A Story Of A Girl

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How Will She cope with life and what it throws at her? When she's close to giving up, what will keep her going?

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Hello! So I usually stay in the MCR catergory, but this isn't an MCR story, so it's here...
It's not the nicest of things, not happy at all really and probably wont be updated often.

This is a story of a girl.

A girl who has never known if it's love or hate, even good or bad. This girl’s story starts out with two loving parents, and a bubbly little girl with a bright happy future. As she grew up, this girl discovered. She discovered the world and all its shadows. Although the girl had enough money for a few luxuries and her parents were kind, she knew that out there, everywhere, there were people who didn’t have that pleasure. The pleasure of having both parents, of having food on the table, of having a roof over their heads. The girl knew she took everything for granted and so her seemingly perfect life was almost ruined by this.

However, it was not the thoughts she had of others suffering that ruined her; it was her shy and kind nature. You see, for most people, this would not cause a problem, but this girl happened to make friends who she did not fit in with. As a child, the girl didn’t see anything wrong with her friends. If she were to think back on her first 10 years, she would not be able to remember much. She has forgotten her past. As a teen, the girl started to realise that the people she thought were her friends, were not. Being as shy and kind as she was, she didn’t have the heart or confidence to tell them that she found certain things upsetting. So the girl went to an adult. She wasn’t the sort to tell or even show emotion, so there are very few people this girl would talk to. This adult was the one adult she had ever been open to and talkative with. It wasn’t her mother, or father, or any relation of hers. This adult was just a friend that she had found due to similar interests. The girl would often go to the woman for advice, or just to cry. She found that the woman gave great hugs and advice. Some of the best advice from the woman was `your school friends aren’t really your friends’ and `once you get out of here, it will all fall into place’. The girl looked forward to the day where she could leave.

It is important to say at this point, that the girl had become closed off from her family and rarely spoke to her parents. The girl started to see the reality of life. As far as this girl knew, everyone ends up the same, so why bother? Very few people make a difference in life so chances are; she wasn’t going to be one of them. The girl could no longer see the point and simply wallowed in her own depressing thoughts and feelings. She still did everything she normally would, but it was simply a mask to hide behind. The girl no longer knew what she was going to do with her life, after always thinking she would become a vet, after her final exams she doubted that she had done well enough to get into a university. She started to hate everything about herself. From her eyes that were too dark a blue, to her little toe that bent at a funny angle. The girl couldn’t look herself in the mirror and didn’t want to leave the house or even talk to the few people who she really enjoyed the company of.

The girl had started self harming. It was never too serious and rarely drew much blood. She started to wonder how it would affect the world if she no longer existed. She was not, however, suicidal. She would never be able to do something like that to her parents.

This is the real story of a real girl.
Let's wait to see how it ends.

*Thanks for reading. I assume you did read it considering you're here at the bottom of the block of writing. I dont think it fits too well under drama, but there's no catergory of `Depressive Shit'.

Plaease let me know what you think of it.

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