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The Girl In The Coffee Shop

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Becca's One-shot. Staring Pete Wentz and a coffee shop (lol) Hope you like it Becca! :3

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A/N:One-shot 1 of 4 for today.I'm writing this for becca,my next one for Penina,3rd one for Amy and 4th will be Hozzie's.Aj,I'll write your one-shot today aswell,I promise.Right,here is Becca's fic,The Girl In The Coffee Shop,staring Pete Wentz.

The Girl In The Coffee Shop.

"Is it cool if I sit here?"
"What?"I ask,looking up at the dark haired man.
"Can I sit here?"
"Oh.Yeah,okay."I reply,scooching up a little in the tiny booth of the coffee shop.
"Thanks.."The male mumbled as he sat in the booth,and got out his laptop.
It booted to life to a desktop of the two best youtubers ever.
"You like Dan and Phil?!"I respond,both shocked and excited when I found out I'm not the only person in the world to like them.
"Duh.They're the best."The male smiles.
"Cool.."I sigh dreamily,as I stare at my neighbour in the booth of the dingy coffee shop in London.
I could marry this dude!
Holy mother of fuck,he loves Dan and Phil.

"So,what is your name?"The man asks.
"Huh? What?"I respond drowsily,snapping out of the fasination I was having.
"'Huh,what'? Nice name.."The man laughs.
"No! My name's Missy."I laugh back.
"Oh,cool.I'm Pete."He smiles at me.
Damn,he's hot.
Great,I just said that out loud,nice one!
"Damn,you're hot!"
"Ha ha.What?"Pete laughed nervously.
"Nothing.."I say sheepishly,playing with my long,purple hair.
Pete then cupped my face in his hands.
Shit! What the fuck is happening!?
He's gonna kiss you,you moron.
Shut up dude,seriously!
Pete then kissed me.
Holy godamn mother of Dan and Phil!
Told you I was right.
Oh fuck you,you asshole.Get out my head.
Nope.I'm here forever.
I shook my head to drown out my mind being the meanest ever.
Mean? Wow.

"You okay Missy?"Pete asked,when he started to notice my weird behaviour.
"Fine."I say quickly,getting up and walking out the door.
"Wait! Missy!"Pete calls after me,and I poke my head back around the doorway.
"Would to have coffee with me again sometime..?"He asks nervously.
"Yeah..sure."I smile back,then leave again.

Hell yeah,I got my dream guy!
Stop celebratng,you're embarassing yourself.

[*A/N:Lol.Comedy! Did you like it Becca?
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