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Chapter 10

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Final chapter. Very sad. ;-; you'll need tissues.

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A/N:Right,here is the final chapter.It'll be fucking sad so bring a few tissues.
Hope you like it.

xo Sadie

Chapter 10.
1 year later.

I stood by Mom's grave in tears.
The last thing she had said to me,I couldn't remember anymore.
It had all become a blur.
I then stepped in front of Dad's grave.
He killed himself over this,over everything.
He just couldn't face the fact of letting go.
I bent towards the grave to place 3 broken roses down.
"God damn it Dad."I whispered as I sobbed quietly.

"C'mon,kiddo.Let's go."Mikey said quietly.
He'd been crying too,everyone did.
"Okay,Mikey.Would you just give me a minute?"I ask.
"Sure."He mumbled and walked back towards the bus.
"Abbey,we have to go!"Ellie tryed to smile.
"Don't act happy,Ellie.He's dead."I say coldly,getting up and walking back onto the bus.

"Abbey? Is everything okay in there?"I heard Mikey ask.
I didn't move from my spot on my bedroom floor.
"Abbey."Mikey repeated,and opened the door slightly.
He spotted the knife in my hands.
"Abbey,it's okay if you have anything to tell me.I'll understand."
"No you won't!"I shout."You never understood anything I felt."
"Abbey I-"
"Just leave me alone Mikey.I've had enough."I say,turning my back to him.
"Okay."He said quietly,before leaving the room.

I quietly began to sing to myself,as I watched the blood flow from my wrist.

When you go,just know that I will remember you.
If living was the hardest part,we'll then one day be together.
And in the end we'll fall apart,just like the leaves change in colours.
And then I will be with you,I will be there one last time.
And,when you go,just know that I will remember you.
I've lost my fear of falling.
I will be with you,I will be with you.

I looked at our family photo,all of us together,and I whispered one last time.

I will be with you..

I then fell to the ground,and my life had ended.

A/N:This marks the end of the sequel to My Love Story.Now,I'll be focusing on the one-shots and other stuff.
I hope you liked this fic.

xo Sadie
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